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  • Marcus Mariota Run Vs. Nicholls E1379009213844

    No Trap Games on the Ducks 2013 Sked

    Kevin Cline One of the biggest fears any fanbase has going into a season is losing to an inferior opponent.  These losses aren’t just unexpected, they’re completely contrary to what fans expect, making them absolutely devastating to the fans of the favored team.  There’s a …

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  • Tennhdr

    Is the SEC’s BCS Rep in Trouble?

    Craig Strobeck It has been labeled as the top conference in all of college football.  That is the reputation the SEC has been adorned with, largely on the back of its member schools having won seven consecutive BCS National Championship Games; something the conference has …

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  • Josh Huff Vs. Tennessee E1379210824191

    Mark Helfrich’s “Inauguration”: Oregon Dominates Tennessee

    Kevin Cline Mark Helfrich may have just coached his third game at the helm of the Oregon Ducks, but Saturday was his inauguration.  A national audience watched the Ducks overwhelm and dismantle the Tennessee Volunteers 59-14, looking every bit the No. 2 team in the …

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  • Official Map

    College Football Nation: Tennessee skulks back to Rocky Top — and “Johnny Who?”

    This week we had a few exciting matches that will really let us know who is a contender and who is a pretender.  We have fans in Eugene and Tuscaloosa feeling pretty good right now, while fans out in Lincoln wish they only had to …

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  • Resizedfeat

    From the Vol Locker Room: The Big, Bad SEC Awaits

    Craig Strobeck On Saturday against the Tennessee Volunteers, the Oregon Ducks were losing.  Yes, the Ducks’ football team was behind on the scoreboard.  Hopes were soaring for Tennessee, as the 28-point underdogs were on top in hostile Autzen Stadium. It lasted all of five minutes …

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  • TennPreGame

    Pregame Analysis – Oregon Ducks vs Tennessee Volunteers

    from Video The Tennessee Volunteers come to town for a return matchup, as Tennessee is one of the few SEC teams that honors its scheduling contracts. The Vols 4-3 base defense has been working hard at being prepared to try to stop the high-octane Ducks’ offense. …

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  • Marcus Mariota 17 Nicholls13GB E1379044370136

    It’s a shame he isn’t newsworthy . . . right?

    Gary Breedlove I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Head Coach Matt Wright and Quarterback Coach Vinny Passas of St. Louis High School in Honolulu – the home of Oregon quarterback, Marcus Mariota.  In this interview, I focused on learning what made Marcus “tick” …

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  • Happier Chip

    Chip Kelly Update: Now that he has your attention….

    from video After careful analysis of expert opinions and game film, the lesson from Chip Kelly’s first NFL game is obvious: Suck It, Doubters. Pundits: “These college plays will never work in the NFL.  Chip’s another Steve Spurrier.  He doesn’t have the personnel.  Mike Vick …

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  • WhoisDrivingBus570x325

    A New GIF! Who is Driving the Bus?

    We can’t let LSUFreek have all the fun with making GIFs, so here is the THIRD FishDuck.com GIF creation, and again, we thank Glenn Hanna for his incredible time put in and skills.  Pass this along to your friends that are fans of Oregon, UCLA, …

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  • Bullfighter Featured Image Rafael Morán

    Chip Kelly, the Bullfighter

    Rafael Morán Chip Kelly’s play calling in his NFL debut was effective but not dramatic, with one striking exception.  Late in the second quarter, Kelly called one of the crazier formations you’re ever going to see, perhaps for the first time ever in the pros. …

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