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    Recruiting Update: Lil’ Snoop to Join DAT?

    Kevin Cline Football Recruiting News Just when you thought the Oregon/Snoop Dog connection couldn’t get any stronger, son Cordell Broadus (4-Star/Diamond Bar, CA) announced that he may make an appearance in Eugene this coming October. “I might be going up to Oregon this season,” said Broadus. …

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  • Helmet

    How Far Can Oregon Go?

    Kevin Cline Since it is the cusp of a new season and bloggers, pundits and fans are indulging in rampant, ecstatic speculation about their favorite college teams, it seemed appropriate that this column indulge in a little speculation, as well. Suppose Oregon, in this 2013 …

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  • Feature Cline

    BCS Preview

    Kevin Cline It’s here! The time of year we all yearn for! An ongoing fiesta has engulfed Duck fans since Oregon’s victory over Kansas State last January. Fans across the country have been anxiously waiting to commence another journey towards destiny.  The highly anticipated college …

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  • Rsz Mariota

    Offensive Positional Units: Scenarios, Predictions and Three 1,000-yard Rushers?

    Steve Francis With a returning offense capable of ridiculous stats, expectations run high across the college football landscape for Oregon’s 2013 campaign.  New head coach Mark Helfrich and his team have set a high bar for themselves, and as is the natural tendency for sports …

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  • OffToSeeTheWizardFeature570x325

    Off to see the Wizard! (The First FishDuck.com GIF)

    How many of us have laughed at the wonderful GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) of LSUFreek who poked fun at coaches, fans and teams in the south and east? We need a West Coast version, and thus the beginning of the FishDuck.com GIF Team to create the …

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    College Football Nation: No Quarterback at USC and Sonic Boom Buns

    By this time next week you will be happy or sad for multiple reasons.  Your favorite team will have taken the field and either given you hope for the season or made you dread the rest of it.  The majority of fans will witness their …

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  • Darron Thomas Photo From Video Cropped E1377304066600

    Revisiting the odd, yet brilliant, career of Darron Thomas

    from Video The last few years of Darron Thomas’ football career have been remarkably strange for someone who was an elite college quarterback.  In fact, those three words – “elite college quarterback” – can be thrown into the pile of Thomas weirdness because there are …

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  • DATLSU E1377328875533

    FishDuck Classic: Will Oregon be ready for LSU?

    Now that we’re only seven days from the return of Duck football, let’s take a look back at another season opener.  What a difference just two years makes.  Here we are, with an upcoming opening game at home against Nicholls State.  Juxtapose that with those …

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  • 121311 02

    National Crises Solved Here

    onpoint.wbur.org Good morning, birds of a feather.  It has been said that sports are an escape from the problems of the world.  I suggest that they are more important than that.  We all know that this country has some problems that it needs to solve. …

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  • QB Lineup

    Chip Kelly Update — The Eagles are Curing the Cement

    Chip Kelly got his first win, 14-9 against Carolina Friday, and answered a lot of the questions surrounding his radical makeover of the Eagles. Anxiety among fans and sportswriters turned into swelling excitement as the offense moved into high gear, showing a stout front line …

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