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  • From Helfrich: “Why We Closed Practices”

    I am disappointed with coach Helfrich’s decision to close practices, but it is fair that I give his side of it a bit more than I did in my earlier article.  I wish to emphasize that while I made a joke of how we were …

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  • Meet Your New Ducks: Take A “Chance” On Me

    Chance Allen, alongside his hometown buddy Bralon Addison, committed to Oregon on National Signing Day back in 2012.  He comes to us from Missouri City, Texas, where he was the star athlete for Fort Bend Elkins High Schoo; participating in football, basketball, and track.  He …

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  • Cotton – The Webfoots’ Consolation Prize

    Immediately following the conclusion of the Pacific Coast Conference games on November 21, 1948, the Conference’s faculty representatives convened by telegraph to cast their votes for the P.C.C.’s representative in the 1949 Rose Bowl game.  While the vote was 6 to 4 to send California …

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  • Recruiting Update: Oregon Finding Riches in the Muddy Bayou

    Football Recruiting Offers In an offense that is predicated on speed, Oregon’s recent additions of interior brawn have only continued to bolster the relentless up-tempo “Blur.”  Offensive line coach Steve Greatwood is ensuring future trench battles go the Ducks way with an offer extension to …

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  • Dat13 E1364953504715

    Will Helfrich unleash the beasts?

    Featured Photo © Kevin Cline Photography   There are a couple of players on Oregon’s roster that make people scratch their heads.  Not the players themselves, but the way they have been utilized; or underutilized, as the case may be.  For some reason, coach Kelly …

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  • Chip And Team

    The Secret I Could Not Tell…Until Now

    “The media in this state HATES Chip Kelly.” I could not believe my ears as I was talking to a former television anchor sportscaster in Oregon.  He was in my office in the fall of 2011, and what he told me was depressing and astounding.  …

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  • Thanks for the Dance, Good Things Ahead

    For the Oregon men’s basketball team, the dance ended on Friday with a 77-69 loss to Louisville.  The Ducks played a good game but they were playing the number one overall seed in the tournament and simply could not keep up.  The Cardinal’s Kevin Ware …

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  • OREGON RECRUITING MANIFESTO Part 4: A Philosophical Shift

    This multi-week series will attempt to take a reasonable, logical and unbiased look at Oregon’s recent recruiting successes and failures while analyzing the program’s recruiting philosophy under Chip Kelly.  The series will then look at how that philosophy already has and may continue to evolve …

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  • Helmet

    The Day We Have Been Waiting For – Football!!!

    Feature Picture Photo by Kevin Cline   Football is back.  Well, tomorrow it’s back…but it’s back. A football fan lives one of the most stressful lives of any sports fan.  While the season is full of excitement, turmoil, hope, and letdown, the excruciating months of …

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  • Notes from around the college football nation: Spurrier jabs ESPN and Johnny Manziel makes headlines…again.

    Spring football is here but I still can not shake the March Madness.  Seeing the playoff atmosphere for the college basketball scene gets me even more pumped for when the college football playoffs arrive!  Here is a full list of when practices begin and spring …

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