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Chris Seisay 10,WYO,14,CS 0

Chris Seisay: Unsung Hero

Going into half time of the Michigan State game, things were looking grim. MSU was leading 27-18, and the defense was having a difficult time holding the Spartans back. Connor Cook seemed unstoppable — — Cut to promising RS freshman, Chris...

Autzen 0

Healthy at Home

There is plenty to be excited for with tomorrows match against the 5-1 Washington Huskies here at Autzen. A home game is always a fan favorite especially for the Ducks who are 20-11-2 against the Huskies when they play in...

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A Flock of Eagles Coming to Eugene this Saturday

Oregon Ducks Football Practice Report: October 16th The Ducks took the practice field on Thursday and had their traditional walk-through for Saturday’s game against the hard-hitting Washington Huskies. According to Rob Moseley of, as the Ducks practiced at walk-through...