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  • Natty Trophy

    What it Takes to Get Back to the “Natty”: 2013 Ducks vs. 2010

    In 2010, it took 12 wins, 6,986 yards of total offense, 37 takeaways, 49.6 points per game and 2,790 pushups for the Oregon Ducks to make it to the national championship game against Auburn. With August now upon us, it is hard not to draw …

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  • Photo 21

    Social Media and Gleaming Facilities Drive Oregon Recruiting

    The Seven Wonders of the World – The Pyramids, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the statue of Zeus at Olympus – were built with grandeur in mind.  Move over Zeus, Phil Knight, Nike magnate and Oregon philanthropist, also thinks big.  His latest wonder is a …

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  • Cheer

    Recruiting Update: Oregon Behind Enemy Lines

    Football Recruiting News Oregon’s marquee pre-season commitment is undoubtedly running back Royce Freeman (4-Star/Imperial, CA/Rivals250).  Nonetheless, Head Coach Mark Helfrich & Co. remain vigilant and are hot on the trail of another 2014 speedster; all-purpose back Tony James (4-Star/Gainesville, FL/Rivals250). A master of motion plays, …

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  • Fans.AM  E1375241135991

    Why Do We Cheer?

    feature photo courtesy of Amazing Moments What is it about sports?  What is this drive humans have to want to cheer on a team? Few fans personally know any of the players on their favorite team, so it isn’t as if there is a personal …

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  • Chip1

    The Inherent Unfairness of Sanctions

    Sanctions. You either love them or hate them.  We love them when the teams we hate get leveled by them, and hate them when teams we love get the same treatment. Ironic, isn’t it? But there is something inherently unfair about the way sanctions are …

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  • New Featured Chris KC

    Pac-12 Talent Rankings: What Does It All Mean?

    “Recruiting rankings don’t matter”. Typically, this is said by fans after their favorite team picks up a commitment from a two or three-star player who is “underrated”. So, is it true? Do recruiting rankings act as a good predictor of on-field success? I defer to …

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  • Admin Ajax.php

    Led by Ifo, Oregon ‘D’ Takes the Offensive

    When someone mentions the Oregon Ducks, most people think of a fast-paced explosive offense that leaves defenders in a whirlwind searching for their own jock straps as the band strikes up “Mighty Oregon” and the Duck starts doing pushups.  Lost in the offensive storm is a secret scarcely ever uttered east of …

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  • Map1

    College Football Notes: The NCAA is crumbling and a HUGE Suspension

    What a week for college football. I saw so many football highlights of hard hits this week on television that I thought the season was already here. The biggest debate this week was who should be ejected for certain big hits over the last few …

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  • Huff

    Huff Doesn’t Need Hype To Be Dangerous

    The names of the top Oregon offensive players since 2010 are easy for even casual Ducks fans to rattle off: James, Barner, Mariota, De’Anthony, Darron Thomas, Maehl, Tuinei, Paulson, Lyerla. Others can certainly be put on that list, but those nine are probably the most …

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  • DeAnthony 21 Ark12AM

    Why the depth chart does not matter

    We as football fans like to have things laid out neatly in front of us. In order to predict what will occur in the coming season, we like to be able to know what we are going to see before we see it. We want …

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