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  • Emmys

    Pac-12 Emmy Awards Announced

    Good morning, Ducks!  The Pacific 12 Conference uses this slow time of the year to announce it’s annual Emmy Awards for conspicuous and substantial achievement in football.  The award’s inaugural presentation was after the 2009 season when Pete Carroll’s Trojans won their first Pac-12 Emmy. …

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  • Devils Advocate Featured

    Devil’s Advocate with Duck Football

    Featured image courtesy of Kevin Cline photography. As the summer months grind along, anticipation for the new football season begins to build among fans everywhere. Recruiting, pre-season watch lists, conference media days, and even the annual release of the football video games all have a …

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  • Chip Kelly 8 Uw KC

    How Much of A Loser Will Chip Kelly Be?

    Chip Kelly will lose more games this year than he ever has in a season as head coach. Since the most he’s lost previously was three games (in his first year, 2009) that’s a given. In fact, Kelly will probably lose more games this year …

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  • Sports Medicine: Do We Need Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutritional Supplements?

    In this part and the following articles in this series about Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutritional Supplements, we will explore dietary supplements used less often by athletes to improve performance. In addition, many non-athletes use these as well.  We will also begin looking at supplements many …

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  • P90D5q0lzX1T6NzE2Q5YASD3WSOAofHHuhWPUmITNo

    Keep Our Ducks Safe: A Brief History of Oregon’s Football Helmets

    Oregon football is turning change into a tradition of its own, a trend reflected on the most basic level of the program – the equipment.  One thing has become clear about the Ducks’ uniforms:  You either love ‘em or you hate ‘em.  As a Duck …

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  • Oregon Creating An Avalanche On Recruiting Front

    Football Recruiting News Following a tremendous pickup in that of running back Royce Freeman (5-Star/Imperial, Calif./Rivals250), the Oregon snowball continues to build as several top-rated prospects indicated heavy interest in the Ducks. Coming off a spectacular performance at Nike’s The Opening held earlier this month, …

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  • Cel

    Are the Ducks in for a Letdown Season?

    On paper, this Oregon Ducks football team looks strong. Marcus Mariota, DeAnthony Thomas and Josh Huff all return as starters. The offensive line looks tough, as does the defensive secondary. In fact, there isn’t a single position that looks particularly weak, yet there are some …

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  • When Ducks Truly Went to War…

    By Jim Maloney and Don Smalley “A day that will live in infamy.” President Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke those words to the United States Congress Dec. 8, 1941, a day after the Japanese surprised the world with their attack on Pearl Harbor just the day …

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  • Zimmerman Trial Brings Out Best In Ducks

    As the George Zimmerman trial came to a merciful end last night, the world took to social media expressing their feelings on the biggest media trial we’ve seen since since O.J.’s glove didn’t fit. It brought out the best in people, it brought out the …

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  • Evan Baylis 32 Kevin Cline

    Evan Baylis: The Two-Way Prospect

    For tight ends coach Tom Osborne, recruiting good tight ends to Oregon is becoming an increasingly easier job. With four tight ends on current NFL rosters (Dante Rosario, Brandon Williams, Ed Dickson, David Paulson) and Oregon’s recent history of success, the Ducks are a premier …

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