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    Oregon first game jitters?

    Kevin Cline This officially will be the last article I write for Fishduck.com . . . before the season starts!!  I can hardly believe it is upon us.  My excitement as a young boy the night before Christmas is one of the few things in …

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  • Uakc

    No One’s Crashing The Party: The Real Contenders for the Crystal Football

    Kevin Cline On Monday, we looked at who could potentially crash the National Championship Game, but we all know that is not happening.  It’s going to be two of the five teams below that play for a title.  But who has the best chance?  Let’s …

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  • Media Day 95

    OL Cameron Hunt comes to Eugene

    Steve Francis This past year, the Ducks lost four starting offensive linemen. So naturally, it became crucial to fill those empty spaces. One of those spots will be filled by true freshman Cameron Hunt (though he may not be starting right away). The 6’4”, 265-pound …

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  • Byuhdr

    FishDuck Classic: He May Have Won the Heisman Trophy, but he Lost at Autzen Stadium

    It may be summer, but we’re only ten days from the return of Duck football. Over the summer, the FishDuck Classic will help familiarize readers with some our most important analyses and greatest stories. Today we have “Sweet Revenge: Oregon upsets BYU, Detmer in 1990.” …

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    Recruiting Update: Oregon’s New Pipeline

    Football Recruiting Fall Camp Update A mere 11 days away from our season opener, the Men of Autzen continue to make strides that will lead us to another date: January 6, 2014. Entering Week 3 of fall camp, the class of 2013 is making its presence …

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  • Dochdr

    Sports Medicine: How Safe is Buying Supplements?

    Sports Medicine All You Wanted to Know About Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutritional Supplements In Part 4d of this series about Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutritional Supplements, we will explore dietary supplements used by all of us – athletes and nonathletes – for our health. It is an extension …

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  • 2012 Mariota To Huff 2

    PAC-12 Talent Rankings: Who’s on Top?

    There is no debate: in college football, nothing is more important than talent. The overwhelmingly positive correlation between talent and winning says it all. While many factors go into becoming a successful, winning program, no other has as much of an impact as talent. There’s …

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  • Trophy Fi

    Who is Crashing the Party in Pasadena?

    It used to be the Top Ten. A team had to start the season ranked tenth or higher if they wanted to win the national championship, as every team since 1990 had done.  Then along came Auburn in 2010 who cheated lowered the bar, (as …

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    The Freakish Boseko Lokombo is Ready to Dominate

    Rob Moseley knows a beast when he sees one. Moseley, the new editor-in-chief of GoDucks.com, has been covering Oregon football for more than a decade, so he’s personally seen some of the best players in Ducks history. This month, Moseley has been writing daily (sometimes …

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    College football nation: Johnny “football” stays away from pens and the Heisman race

        Oh my goodness, two weeks until kick off and then we can finally quit all of this quiet time and bring the noise. Then we can start figuring out if the SEC will be re-re-re-re-re-re-re-repeat as National Champs or if someone else will …

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