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    Luxury? Pshaaaaw!!

    I had the opportunity of a Duck lifetime last Monday: I was able to tour the University of Oregon Ducks’ new Football Performance Center.  And in about two and one-half hours of looking, snooping and talking with those who seemed to know, came away with …

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    Recruiting Update: Baker About to Quack

    Football Recruiting 2013 Recruiting Class Update A mere 25 days separate us from the unveiling of the latest edition of Oregon football. This past Monday, the 2013 recruiting class took to the newly minted practice fields with an enthusiasm only fall camp can bring. Small, …

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    Every Defense’s Nightmare: A Three-Headed Monster

    Kevin Cline The college football season is just around the corner and fans everywhere are eager to see our beloved Ducks make yet another run at the national championship.  A three-headed explosive monster on offense and key returning players on defense are big reasons why Oregon figures to be a dominant …

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  • Saban

    The Day the Ducks Stunned Nick Saban!

    From Video It was a critical point in the rise or fall of Oregon football. The Ducks had clawed their way out of mediocrity (or worse) to gain berths in two high profile bowl games, lost them both and then fallen back to two mediocre five-loss seasons in …

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    Another Amazing Oregon Feat: Avoiding Injuries

    Kevin Cline The Ducks haven’t made four straight BCS bowl games by accident. When a team has elite talent and a transcendent offensive system, it’s gonna win games. Yet Oregon, like every good team, has benefited from some tremendous good fortune. Since 2009, Oregon experienced …

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  • Arizona1

    Pac-12 Talent Rankings: Enough to Move Up?

    Kevin Cline Last week, we looked at the significance of talent and recruiting rankings. This week, we begin counting down to the most talented roster in the Pac-12. Below is an explanation of the tier-system used to compile the data: Tier-E: 5-star rating by at …

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  • Side effect of "The Weiner Condition"; severe creepiness.

    “The Weiner Condition”

    Side effect of “The Weiner Condition”; severe creepiness. Folks, this past week saw the resurgence of an old time ailment. A dangerous condition which, doctors and researchers both agree, causes people to behave in a completely unprofessional, embarrassing, dimwitted manner. At its crux, this ailment …

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  • Map Hostetler Featured Image

    College Football Notes: SEC beats Pac-12 and Clemson wins it all

    We are less than a month from kickoff and I am SO excited for football season, you?. So many questions will start to be answered once the ball has left the tee.  Will the SEC win yet another national title or will someone else finally …

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  • Wsu 1024x444 1

    A Twisted Look at Fall Practice in Pullman

    Good morning Ducks of Good Will and Hearty Spirit.  Today marks the beginning of a three part series focusing on the fall practices of the other teams in the so-called Northwest Championship…and may God strike me dead if I validate another Rick Neuheisel invention.   …

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    Chip Kelly Update: Torn ACLs and Racial Incidents

    feature photo by Jimmy Kempski Training camp finally opened for the entire Eagles team, and Chip Kelly faced adversity almost immediately.  First, injuries: not one but TWO ACL tears in the first three days, by #2 receiver Jeremy Maclin and newly acquired linebacker Jason Phillips.  Maclin …

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