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  • Snoop Desean

    Chip, Nick, DeSean and Snoop Lion

    One of the interesting things about Chip Kelly taking over the Eagles is how connected this team is to the Pac-12. Consider the quarterback competition, which reporters back east can’t stop talking about, even though Duck fans know Kelly won’t make a decision until right …

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  • Sports Medicine: Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutritional Supplements

    In Part 3 of this series on Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutritional Supplements, we will explore some of the dietary supplements used by athletes to improve performance. Future articles will continue this discussion, as a full discussion of all of them would require a very long …

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  • Give Thanks to the Little Guys

    For every Marcus Mariota, there is a Dane Ebanez, J.R. Maffie and Axel McQuaw. For every first-round draft pick there are scores of players who come to practice every day, hitting the trenches and working just as hard as the stars.  Yet these players pass …

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  • Featured Photo White

    Who will lead the 2013 Oregon Ducks in tackles?

    The huge question on defense is, who will be the leading tackler in the fall? From 2009 thru 2011, the final Oregon defensive statistics listed John Boyett as one of the top two tacklers on the team alongside Casey Matthews and Spencer Paysinger. The next season after …

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  • History Shows Ducks Can Succeed Without Going to The Bulk Section

    Today, the college football landscape requires an exceptional amount of athleticism.  Bigger players are now faster and more specialized than they used to be, and size has become a true emphasis in the game. This is proven by the recent success of SEC teams that …

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  • Recruiting Update: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

    Football Recruiting Commitments Special teams are far from the most glamorous positions on the gridiron, however, within Oregon’s system, every slot of the depth chart is of equal importance. Heading into 2013, the Ducks wasted no time in securing senior long snapper Drew Howell’s replacement …

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  • Athletic supremacy – the Battle of Birds

    As the 2012-2013 college athletic season comes to an end, very few of the 346 Division I schools can say they had success across all sports.  This makes perfect sense, since some schools tend to focus on one sports program over another.  For example, Duke …

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  • Gut wrenching times with Chip Kelly

    With the new era of Helfrich football just over the rise, I thought it would be a good time to look back at the Chip Kelly era. Specifically the most gut wrenching parts of it.  As we are all huge Ducks fans, some of the …

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  • Civwar3

    Rivalry Losing Steam In Politically Correct World

    The debate over rival-rooting-etiquette came into question this week on a local radio show, prompting passionate calls of “We’re all in the same state,” and “I root for both teams unless they’re playing each other.” Quite frankly, I had to turn the channel. I wrote an article after …

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  • The Overreaction to “Big Games”

    A week after the Oregon baseball team got eliminated from the College World Series I went on Twitter with a question in mind: Were any Ducks fans angry at coach George Horton for this disappointing end to the season?  I typed his name into the …

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