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Ducks Heat up Heading Into Summer 0

Ducks Heat up Heading Into Summer

The freshmen have been on campus for a few weeks and summer workouts are nearly underway. For the Ducks, there isn’t a whole lot needing to be figured out.  The running backs look talented, though experience isn’t plentiful.  Marcus Mariota...

Season of the International Duck 1

Season of the International Duck

As the burning coals cool down beneath the barbecue and the final burst of fireworks twinkle into the night, a stark realization overcomes the senses. “Holy crap! We’re half way through summer!” That’s right, before you know it the leaves...

Summer Blockbusters Fishduck Style 2

Summer Blockbusters Fishduck Style

Good morning, Ducks!  Much as I would like to spend another week dissecting and dismantling the buffoons who doubted the Mighty Ducks over the course of the last two years, it’s time to move forward. The hot weather is here,...