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Rich Rod 2

Coaching Profile: Rich Rodriguez

Rich Rodriguez bears an uncanny resemblance to the man who sold me my first car. “Creampuff,” the man said. It was a ’62 Buick Electra, purple with zebra stripe seat covers and sawdust in the transmission. Many detractors think Rodriguez...

Marcus Mariota lit up the Beavers on Saturday night 0

Ducks Ready to Fly Over Wildcats

Another game, another win, another stat sheet explosion for the Ducks. Marcus Mariota is all but assured the Heisman with his sixth game this season of 300 or more yards passing. Royce Freeman and Byron Marshall executed to perfection; both...

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Ducks Destroy The Vikings 81-59

Eugene, Ore. – From Media Row at Matt Knight Arena, Dean Davis, Basketball Correspondent for reporting. The Ducks took on the Portland State Vikings on Sunday afternoon in what many of us believed would be a blow out. And...