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  • Cel

    Are the Ducks in for a Letdown Season?

    On paper, this Oregon Ducks football team looks strong. Marcus Mariota, DeAnthony Thomas and Josh Huff all return as starters. The offensive line looks tough, as does the defensive secondary. In fact, there isn’t a single position that looks particularly weak, yet there are some …

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  • When Ducks Truly Went to War…

    By Jim Maloney and Don Smalley “A day that will live in infamy.” President Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke those words to the United States Congress Dec. 8, 1941, a day after the Japanese surprised the world with their attack on Pearl Harbor just the day …

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  • Zimmerman Trial Brings Out Best In Ducks

    As the George Zimmerman trial came to a merciful end last night, the world took to social media expressing their feelings on the biggest media trial we’ve seen since since O.J.’s glove didn’t fit. It brought out the best in people, it brought out the …

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  • Evan Baylis 32 Kevin Cline

    Evan Baylis: The Two-Way Prospect

    For tight ends coach Tom Osborne, recruiting good tight ends to Oregon is becoming an increasingly easier job. With four tight ends on current NFL rosters (Dante Rosario, Brandon Williams, Ed Dickson, David Paulson) and Oregon’s recent history of success, the Ducks are a premier …

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  • LarryScott

    Notes from around the college football nation:Oregon playing in China and FSU wins SEC

    Football is still forever away but something fun and interesting is about to happen. Media Day is quickly approaching for most major conferences. This is where some coach or player will say something controversial about a certain game and have everyone talking about it for …

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  • Thomas Cline

    Can De’Anthony Thomas Survive As the Every-Down Back?

    De’Anthony Thomas almost went to USC, but he eventually chose Oregon and has helped the team win two straight BCS bowls.  The Trojans have lost a combined eight games these past two seasons.  The Ducks have lost seven games since 2009. Those three sentences aren’t …

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  • What if There Were No Sports?

    Good morning, Ducks! This coming Monday is the annual slowest day in sports.  Baseball is on All-Star Game break (a break that used to be three days and is now four.  A change that no one cleared with me.)  Pro football camp is still two …

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  • FishDuck Classic: Oregon’s First Black Student-Athletes

    It may be summer, but that only brings us that much closer to fall, and the return of Duck football. Over the summer, the FishDuck Classic will help familiarize readers with some our most important analyses and greatest stories. Today: Oregon’s first black student-athletes: leading …

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  • Vick And Foles1

    Chip and the Eagles: Quarterback Thunderdome

    Top photo courtesy of Keith Allison and Matthew Straubmuller I’ve been resisting the endless discussions about the Eagles’ quarterback competition, because as Chip Kelly has said, he simply won’t have the data to make a decision until he sees his players wearing pads and getting …

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  • Oregon2 E1373511516359

    Oregon’s Top Five Breakout Players for 2013

    Welcome back my feathered friends! With the heat rising to 116+ for almost all of last week in my city in the desert, I have been inside.  Enjoying the nice cool breeze from my air conditioner, peering out the smallest crack of the blinds to …

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