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Oregon defeats Detroit 83-66 0

Oregon’s Freshmen Fantastic Four

Shake off those uncertainties about the off-season and confusion about the identity of our Oregon men’s basketball team. It’s time to meet your 2014 Oregon Ducks freshman class. This year has ushered in four new freshmen: Jordan Bell, Casey Benson, Ahmaad Rorie and Dillon Brooks – all...

The Ducks are ready for the playoff push 0

The Ducks Won’t Stop

While injuries are just a part of football, that doesn’t make them any easier to deal with. What does help, however, are bye weeks — and now defensive lineman Arik Armstead is looking forward to getting back on the field...

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Catching Up with Hamani Stevens

  After having a second bye week, the Ducks are back in action preparing for this Saturday’s afternoon game against Colorado. This is going to be quite a special night for everyone as it’s the last game home game of...