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  • What’s a fan to do when the NCAA comes after you?

    It’s been nearly two years since initial word of an NCAA investigation over the Oregon program came to light, and since then most of the major players involved have flown the coop.  Lache Seastrunk, the running back out of Texas, is enjoying his successes at …

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  • Rent versus Buy and the PAC-12 Coaching Carousel

    Rent versus Buy and the PAC-12 Coaching Carousel Not living up to your potential?  Cross town rival forcing you to eat crow for the entire off season?  Maybe it’s time to fire your coach?  While it’s a boon to commercial movers, real estate agents, and …

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  • LM Baseball2 E1361745919141

    Plunked Ducks Smash LMU in Game 2

    Seasoned baseball fans have probably seen some wacky things happen on the diamond. From deflected outs, to runners passing each other on the bases, the random feel to baseball is something that most fans treasure. Today’s game had one of the weirdest final box scores …

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  • Notes From Around the College Football Nation: Miami Scandal and More Expansion

    If you’re a fan of college football…then go check somewhere else because it is that slow time of the year.  If you are a Miami fan, then you have a lot going on because of this whole botched NCAA investigation.  The NCAA could be in …

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  • OrvsStanford 284 E1361694418996

    Johnathan Loyd Stirs the Drink as Ducks Drub Stanford

    Johnathan Loyd had heard it all. The whispers. The comments. The tweets. How he couldn’t shoot, how other teams don’t guard him, how the Ducks have gone straight downhill without Dominic Artis, and on and on. Going scoreless in a heartbreaking loss to California two …

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  • Ducks and the Silver Screen

    Sunday night is America’s Night at the Movies.  It’s the night when glamour meets art and Tommy Lee Jones celebrates with the industry that made him rich.   A look at some of the best picture nominees: Silver Linings Playbook:  This movie is about a …

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  • Stanford Game5 E1361508321354

    Ted Miller, Bi-Polar Dogs and the Transitive Property: Right or Wrong?

    We all know how Ted Miller and the ESPN Pac-12 Blog hate the overuse of the transitive property.  You can read about it here (among lots of other places).  Could Ted Miller and all the posters on the football blogs be WRONG about this?  For as long …

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  • Runner At Second

    Ducks’ Offense Goes With The Weather

    Perhaps Oregon’s offense goes as the weather does: the sunny beaches of Hawai’i left Oregon’s bats hot, but the frigid rain in Eugene left the Oregon bats cold on Friday night at PK Park. The Ducks dropped their home opener to LMU 7-2 in rather …

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  • ORvsCal365 E1361520874289

    Last-Second California Dagger Stuns Ducks

    After 10 consecutive losses to the Bears stretching back to 2008, it looked like No. 23 Oregon had found a way to end the streak. Despite struggling to score for nearly all 40 minutes of Thursday’s Pac-12 game at Matthew Knight Arena, the Ducks controlled …

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  • FLYOVER COUNTRY—An Eternal Identity Crisis

    In governance, it’s a truism that if you want more of a behavior, all you have to do is subsidize it.  Of course, the dark side of subsidizing something is that it fosters dependency and an entitlement mentality in the recipients. When a public entity …

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