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Why Kickers Deserve a Break 2

Why Kickers Deserve a Break

Kickers might be the most polarizing athletes in all of sports.  Their only job is to kick the football between two goal posts, often during the fourth quarter when games are close, so the results of their kicks leave room...

Snoop and DeSean 2

Chip, Nick, DeSean and Snoop Lion

One of the interesting things about Chip Kelly taking over the Eagles is how connected this team is to the Pac-12. Consider the quarterback competition, which reporters back east can’t stop talking about, even though Duck fans know Kelly won’t...

Give Thanks to the Little Guys 4

Give Thanks to the Little Guys

For every Marcus Mariota, there is a Dane Ebanez, J.R. Maffie and Axel McQuaw. For every first-round draft pick there are scores of players who come to practice every day, hitting the trenches and working just as hard as the...