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  • Ducks Heat up Heading Into Summer

    The freshmen have been on campus for a few weeks and summer workouts are nearly underway. For the Ducks, there isn’t a whole lot needing to be figured out.  The running backs look talented, though experience isn’t plentiful.  Marcus Mariota looks to build upon one …

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  • In CFB’s Free Agency, Oregon Would Aim High To Fill Needs

    It’s July, which means NBA free agency is in high gear. For fans in Portland, that means mid-level signings and questionable trades. One thing that free agency offers the big spenders, however, is the opportunity for quick improvement. If college football offered the same opportunity, …

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  • Oregon’s Offense is a 99, but Should It Be?

    In a long offseason, these are the slowest days.  The sports world mirrors the working world: everyone’s on vacation, but when we check in, we find little going on. For a sport with as much coverage as college football, the length of the season itself …

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  • Notes from around the college football nation: Florida’s starting QB off to baseball and Urban Meyer tattletale

    First off, I want to wish everyone a happy Independence Day weekend.  Glad there are those who serve and protect our country so we can enjoy the freedoms we do. My thanks and appreciation go out to our service men and women, because of them …

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  • An elite recruit and stable of returning studs – Future looks bright for Oregon Baseball

    The offseason hasn’t been all fireworks and barbeques for the Oregon baseball team. Their best hitter last season, Ryon Healy, signed a $500,000 deal with the Oakland A’s, who took him in the third round of the MLB draft. Young and promising pitcher Cole Wiper …

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  • Season of the International Duck

    As the burning coals cool down beneath the barbecue and the final burst of fireworks twinkle into the night, a stark realization overcomes the senses. “Holy crap! We’re half way through summer!” That’s right, before you know it the leaves will start falling as the …

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  • Summer Blockbusters Fishduck Style

    Good morning, Ducks!  Much as I would like to spend another week dissecting and dismantling the buffoons who doubted the Mighty Ducks over the course of the last two years, it’s time to move forward. The hot weather is here, which means that it’s time …

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  • Makeover complete, Huskies believe they can fly

    They say if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. And, over the last several football seasons, that appears to be concisely the goal of the University of Washington. Since the “glorious” (see: NCAA rules violations riddled) Don James era, the long time formidable team from …

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  • Eilis Happy New Year

    Chip and the Eagles: Dog Days of Summer

    This is the dullest time in the pro football calendar, where the sailing ship of gridiron glory hits windless doldrums and ghosts, as sailors used to say. That’s a verb that means drifting aimlessly, becalmed except for the occasional wisp of a breeze (or a …

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  • Freshmen Who Can Lead the Ducks to Pasadena

    It’s summertime here in Eugene, Oregon, and that only means one thing to the Duck faithful; football season is looming right around the corner.  Summer workouts have officially begun as the new highly touted freshman class flocks in from all over the nation to join …

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