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  • The Passion of Boston and Eugene

    In August of 1984 I was standing on a footbridge in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  Just over the water was a group of elderly gentlemen playing Bocce’ Ball.  I knew nothing about the game, but was trying to pick it up just from …

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  • Are Expectations for Thomas Tyner Too High?

    Along with the growing success of the Oregon football on the field over the past two decades has been increased success off field with high profile recruits attracted to Oregon.  Those highly rated recruits carry increased expectations, and with increased expectations there can be a heightened sense of …

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  • Oregon Unknowns: An Unforgettable Halftime at Indiana

    A great trivia question for Duck football fans: What was the longest winning streak by a Duck team prior to their 11 straight in 2001-02 (counting overlapping seasons)?  Oregon finished the 1932 season with a win over LSU in the bitter cold of Louisiana, then …

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  • Mack Robinson: Oregon Duck, Inspiration for Change

    Sunday, I read a tweet from the Register Guard‘s Rob Moseley about Mack Robinson, Oregon athlete and older brother of Jackie Robinson.  With the recent film about #42 and the interest it is generating, learning of an Oregon connection was a pleasant surprise.  I guess …

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  • Meet Your New Ducks: At QB, Next Man Up Isn’t a Problem

    Ever wonder what would happen to Oregon’s glorious offense if our starting quarterback went down due to injury?  Unfortunately, most Duck fans will recall the 2007 season in which Heisman Trophy favorite Dennis Dixon tore his ACL on a routine read-option play shortly after a …

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    The Oregon Ducks head home to face the Bruins in Eugene this weekend at PK Park, just as the PAC-12 race is coming down to the home stretch.  The Beavers and Ducks are the top two teams in the conference, with the Beavers in first …

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  • Recruiting Update: Oregon Trumps SEC Girth with Speed!

    Football Recruiting In regards to The Oregonian’s recent report, this writer will highlight two pieces of information that will put Oregon in the clear of any major sanctions. “…The (recently released) documents also state (that the) NCAA enforcement staff said they had “no finding of …

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  • Heineman Hammers Portland for Ducks 4-1 Win!

    Well, the rich get richer as Scott Heineman continued his hot streak on Tuesday afternoon as the outfielder came up with another great performance against Portland.  Fresh off a 7-for-16, 6 RBI week, Heineman actually won the game for the Ducks this time around.  With …

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  • Oregon Recruiting Manifesto Part 6: A Recruiting Blueprint

    This multi-week series will attempt to take a reasonable, logical and unbiased look at Oregon’s recent recruiting successes and failures while analyzing the program’s recruiting philosophy under Chip Kelly.  The series will then look at how that philosophy already has and may continue to evolve …

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  • Huskies

    Three Rivalries That Need to Start

    Feature Photo by Kevin Cline   Rivalries are the best part of sports.  The Passion.  The Intensity.  The Hatred. We all love to hate the Huskies and poke fun at the Beavers (and their stupid new logo), but don’t we all watch a game and say, …

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