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    The Pac-12 Conference: It All started With the PCC

    The Oregon Ducks are proud members of the Pac-12 conference and have been, with the exception of five years in the early sixties, since it was known as the Pacific Coast Conference. So how did we get from the PCC to the Pac-12? The PCC  was …

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    The Tall Firs, The Kamikaze Kids and Beyond: Oregon Basketball

    There is a rich history behind the basketball program at the University of Oregon, one that is often overlooked in the wake of the recent successes of the football program. Throughout the 100-plus years that basketball has been played at Oregon, some great players and …

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    It’s Only Been a Year, But Tyner Is on Pace for Something Special

    The Oregon football program has an extremely impressive resume when it comes to running backs, especially over the past 10 or 15 years. Among the greats that have come out of the Duck backfield are Maurice Morris, Jonathan Stewart, LeGarrette Blount, LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner. …

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    Oregon’s 2014 Schedule Free of the Team’s Kryptonite

    When analyzed correctly, trends and patterns in recent history can help predict more about the upcoming college football season than any number of off-season projections or rankings. This is particularly the case with a team such as Oregon, which has such a distinct system and style of …

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    How Does Oregon’s 2014 NFL Draft Class Compare to Those of the Past?

    The NFL Draft has been in place for nearly 80 years, and in that time it has changed significantly. With no Internet, no combine, and few formal scouting reports, executives used to draft players that they had never seen work out and, in many cases, had never even seen …

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    From the Backfield Ensemble to the Gospel Ensemble

    The mid-2000′s saw Oregon rise from nationally known to nationally renowned.  The program became renowned for the great rushers the program featured, and treated Oregon fans to many throughout the decade. From 2004-2007, a talented tailback ran in the Oregon backfield as a quiet, yet successful …

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    Big Losses, Yes — Big Problems, Not So Much

    The college football season is one of the most grueling and challenging in all of sports.  Young men are pushed to the limit both physically and mentally as they trek through a 12-game regular season schedule, while also pursuing a degree in the classroom. It …

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    The Enigma That Was Jim Evenson

    There was a time, in the darker days of Oregon football, that Len Casanova managed to land a highly-prized fullback — Jim Evenson.  He was touted as the kind of running back who could help turn a program around. Evenson was born in 1947 in Hillsboro, …

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    Oregon Coaches through the Ages

    The University of Oregon has had some great football coaches throughout the ages that have all helped, in one way or another, make the Ducks what they are today.  From the start of the Oregon football program to now, Oregon has had coaches that have …

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    First Year Results: Mark Helfrich vs Oregon’s Coaching Greats

    Oregon’s 2013 season was without question one of the greatest in school history, as the Ducks finished with 11 wins for only the fifth time ever. The year started out about as well as it could have with the team setting a school record 772 …

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