Media Management Opportunities

Media Management Internships/Positions

Are you looking to learn about how to manage the content at a media source or major website?  We have openings for those of all ages who can lend expertise from their years of experience, or for students who want experience in managing the content schedule, working with writer issues, and making decisions about upcoming articles and content on the site.  Content Manager, and Managing Editor positions are available and you may work up to those positions as you gain familiarity with daily on-goings of the usual business of a popular website.

“My experience at FishDuck.com has greatly expanded my opportunities in the sports journalism industry. With the reputation FishDuck has earned with the biggest media outlets, promoting my work was easy, and directly led to me other internships and writing jobs.” —Josh Schlichter, UO Student

For the Non-Students and Retired?  Mr. FishDuck could use some expertise and help of those who have management experience, and are willing to learn Content Management.  For those experienced in the field? We could benefit learning from you as the students would.  Join us for five hours a week!

FAQs of Internships/Volunteer positions at FishDuck.com

How to Apply: For more information about the opportunities at FishDuck.com, please email Charles Fischer at charles@fishduck.com or call 541-915-4541. To apply, email a cover letter and resume indicating which position(s) you are applying for. Please highlight relevant experience (watching sports counts!) and include contact information for at least two professional references. Applicants for this position should also submit two writing samples such as term papers, or it may be informal, such as personal blog entries.

FishDuck.com is the hottest, fastest-growing Oregon Duck football site on the web. More than 60 volunteers help with Writing, Editing, Photography, Research, and the Social Media aspects of the site, serving visitors from more than 50 countries who read our articles up to a quarter million times every month. We seek to educate and entertain our readers with Football Analysis, Op-Ed articles, Recruiting, History, and even Humor. We have been interviewed and cited/quoted as a source by the Wall Street Journal, and twice have been featured in prominent articles in the Online Sports Section of The Washington Post for our contributions to fans and coaches wanting to learn about the Oregon Spread Offense.  FishDuck.com has even been accredited by Google News as an official Oregon Sports news source. Our football instructional videos have been viewed more than a Million times and we are UO Media Credentialed, sitting on Press Row in the Autzen Press Box and Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene.