Social Media Specialists Internships

Tyler Horst and Kevin Kim find Social Media fascinating...

Charles Fischer

Tyler Horst and Kevin Kim find Social Media fascinating…

FishDuck.com Social Media Specialists Internships/Positions

“You can TRIPLE your hits from Social Media.”  This is what consultants have told us at FishDuck.com since we have built an impressive hit count with limited marketing.  We are building a Social Media team that will study and implement the newest web strategies to find the thousands of Oregon Football fans in cyberspace.  These internships are voluntary and take only five hours a week.

Social Media Communications Specialists: Interns will work in small teams to generate web traffic and leads.  Tasks may include drafting social media posts for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and other sites, participating in the cultivation of community partnerships, and setting up reciprocal linking with other sports and coaching-related websites.

Social Media Research Specialists:  Interns will be researching the online community to identify influencing sites that the company should engage with.  Researchers will also study Social Media strategies currently used by corporate America to determine application for use at FishDuck.com.

We are building a Social Media Curriculum for learning the latest in tactics and giving Interns the opportunity to implement them on FishDuck.com to enhance their career.  We will be rotating interns from research to communication positions in order to create some variety in the work, and to provide exposure and learning of the many tenets of Social Media promotion to help their career.

“My experience at FishDuck.com has greatly expanded my opportunities in the sports journalism industry. With the reputation FishDuck has earned with the biggest media outlets, promoting my work was easy, and directly led to me other internships and writing jobs.” —Josh Schlichter, UO Student

For Non-Students and the Retired?  We need people experienced in management to help us direct the students and other volunteers.  Do you have to know anything about Social Media to get started?  No- as we teach it all, and will be learning some of the latest ideas to expand into.  Come be a part as a specialist or manager!  This dept. has enormous potential to impact the site and serve so many more dedicated Oregon fans as you are!  Join us!

FAQs of Internships/Volunteer Positions at FishDuck.com

How to Apply:  For more information about the opportunities at FishDuck.com, please email Charles Fischer at charles@fishduck.com or call 541-915-4541. To apply, email a cover letter and resume indicating which position(s) you are applying for. Please highlight relevant experience (watching sports counts!) and include contact information for at least two professional references. Applicants for these positions should also submit two writing samples such as term papers, and it may be informal, such as personal blog entries.

FishDuck.com is the hottest, fastest-growing Oregon Duck football site on the web. More than 60 volunteers help with Writing, Editing, Photography, Research, and the Social Media aspects of the site, serving visitors from more than 50 countries who read our articles up to a quarter million times every month. We seek to educate and entertain our readers with Football Analysis, Op-Ed articles, Recruiting, History, and even Humor.  We have been interviewed and cited/quoted as a source by the Wall Street Journal, and twice have been featured in prominent articles in the Online Sports Section of  The Washington Post for our contributions to fans and coaches wanting to learn about the Oregon Spread Offense.  FishDuck.com has even been accredited by Google News as an official Oregon Sports news source. Our football instructional videos have been viewed more than a Million times and we are UO Media Credentialed, sitting on Press Row in the Autzen Press Box and Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene.