UO Sports Photo-Recovery Team

An incredible photo from twenty years ago this fall...

John Giustina

An incredible photo from twenty years ago this fall…

FishDuck.com is assembling a UO Sports Photo-Recovery Team!

The University of Oregon Athletic Department has thousands of actual pictures and negatives from before the digital age that need to be saved before they are “borrowed” and never returned or simply are lost to deterioration over time.  This is an urgent project for the UofO and all of us as fans of our sports heritage. This needed to have been done for years, but the volunteers have not been present to save these photos of our past.

We have a manager who has volunteered to oversee the operation and a donor who is helping us with the scanner, but we need people willing to put 5-8 hours a week in until the pictures are saved.   I will not sugar-coat this job; it is tedious and while not hard–it is time consuming.  We would take anyone of any age who is responsible and will show up on time, and the major benefit that we can offer?  You will be in close proximity with the Athletic Department and the major powers-that-be and thus your exposure and potential connections can be made as a student Intern or fan who simply wants to help the program.

You can now apply for upper division School Credit at the University of Oregon for your time spent on this project due to the close alliance of FishDuck.com with the university in providing students opportunities for improving their resume’ along with job skills to help them get hired.

Photos like the one at the top taken by former UO Photographer John Giustina need to be saved for posterity.

Can you spare the time?  The impact upon the football team and other Oregon sports, the media, and the fans will be felt for a long time.

Contact Charles Fischer at  charles@fishduck.com  or call at 541-915-4541

FAQs about Internships/Volunteer Positions at FishDuck.com

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