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We now have EVERYTHING the other big sites have in Merchandise, and more!

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What do we have the other sites don't? When you buy the same stuff from FishDuck.com, you are supporting the continued education and growth of fellow Oregon fans. No other site offers the amount of unique learning opportunities about our beloved Ducks; buy your Oregon gear from FishDuck.com!

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A few sample items you can find inside the FishDuck store...

FishDuck.com Baseball Jersey

FishDuck.com Baseball Jersey - $20.00

FishDuck.com Yellow T-Shirt

FishDuck.com Yellow T-Shirt - $19.00

FishDuck.com Golf Shirt

FishDuck.com Golf Shirt - $22.00

FishDuck.com Mug

FishDuck.com Mug - $13.00

FishDuck.com Trek Water Bottle

FishDuck.com Trek Water Bottle - $9.00

FishDuck.com Trucker Hat

FishDuck.com Trucker Hat - $14.00