Photo Gallery 1800s-1919



1893-94 baseball team1910 baseball team1913 Oregon baseball team1916 baseball teamEarly baseballBaseball spectators
Carl Fenton, 1914Charles “Shy” Huntington, 1918-23Dick Hathaway, 1908George A. McKinley & Carl Gabrielson, 1908Hugo Bezdek, 1913-17Women’s baseball
Women’s baseball, 1917Women’s baseball, 1919Women’s baseball, 1919Women’s baseball, 19191894-95 women’s basketball1900-01 women’s basketball team
1919 basketball teamCarter Brandon, 1919Class of 1915 women’s basketball teamClass of 1917 women’s basketball teamEddie Durno, 1919Francis Jacobberger, 1919
Freshman class women’s basketball team, 1912Herman Lind, 1919Ned Fowler, 1919Nish Chapman, 1919Sophomore interclass basketball team, 1919Women’s basketball, 1910s
Women’s basketball, 1910sWomen’s basketball, 1910sWomen’s field hockey, 19191893-94 football team1895 football team1896 football team
1898 football team1899 football team1899 football team1900 football team1900s football1900s football
1900s football team1901 football team1901 football team1902-03 football team1905 football team1906 football team
1907 football1907 football team1908 Civil War football1909 football team1912 football practice1912 football practice
1912 football team1913 football team1914 Civil War game1914 football practice1914 football team1914 interclass football game
1914-15 football teams1916 football1916 football team1916-17 football team1917 football team1917 Rose Bowl
1917 Rose Bowl1917 Rose Bowl1918 Civil War football game1919 football rally in Portland1919 football team1919 football team
1919 football team1919 football team at the 1920 Rose BowlAnson Cornell, 1913Carl E. Nelson, 1917-18Charles E. WagnerCharles Huntington, 1914-16
Chauncey R. BishopClifford “Brick” Mitchell, 1915Dean Walker, 1912First University of Oregon football game, 1894First University of Oregon football game, 1894Football at Kincaid Field, 1910s
Football at Kincaid Field, 1914Football at Kincaid Field, 1914-19Football practice, 1910sFootball team at Kincaid FieldFootball team, 1913-17Football vs. Multnomah Athletic Club, 1910s
Football vs. Multnomah Athletic Club, 1916Football, 1910sFootball, 1910sFootball, 1910sFootball, 1910sFootball, 1910s
Football, 1910sHayward Field, November 15, 1919Hollis Huntington, 1919Jake Risley, 1914-17Jim Cossman, 1914-16John Beckett, 1916
Ken Bartlett, 1914-16Oregon vs. Idaho, 1913Ore-OAC, 3to3, Nov. 21, 1914Oregon vs. Washington State, 1910sOrville Montieth, 1915Raymond Bryant, 1913-15
Richard Tegart, 19161890s track1898 track team1898 track teamChampions of Oregon, 18991900s pole vault
Track champs 19061907 track team1907 track team1909 track team1910 pole vault1910 track
1910 track1913 high jump1913 Javelin1913 long jump1913 pole vault1913 shot put
1913 track1913 track1913 track1914 track team1915 hurdles1915 track
Bob Kellogg, 1910Charles E. WagnerEverett StullerFred MoullenHenry Heidenreich, 1913Hurdles, 1913
Oliver Huston, 1909Pre-1920 long jumpKincaid FieldWomen’s Memorial Hall 1919Oregana, 1917, football gameRepairing Hayward Field

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