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    The Fish Report: Rose Bowl Game Plan #2

    This is the second part of looking back at plays, formations, and strategies to give my best FishDuck probability percentages as to what we will see as a Rose Bowl game plan. It’s entertaining to look at footage, ponder the possibilities, and see if we …

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    The Fish Report: Rose Bowl Game Plan #1

    In this video we’re going to have some fun looking back at some plays and formations to try to figure out what Chip Kelly might throw at Wisconsin.  We’ll look at game footage and determine a “FishDuck Probability” of seeing that play, formation, or strategy …

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    The Fish Report: Passing Game Reads…

    For Oregon fans and the staff at FishDuck.com—this has been an amazing football season. We lost two games, yet remain one the nations top five teams; and for us long term fans an incredible third BCS game in a row? We began to closely analyze …

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    The Fish Report: Oregon’s New “Sweep Read”

    Through this season I have often had much more interesting material to analyze than time would permit from a given game. This week is no exception as we had a number of new plays, formations, and play-action passes to enjoy looking at closely that resulted …

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    The Fish Report: The Outside Zone Read Altered?

    “All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey.” For Oregon fans, these lyrics seem to match the Willamette Valley and our feelings after this game with USC. There has been enough written about our missed opportunities and mistakes in this game, and I …

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  • The Fish Report: Winning Strategies Against Stanford

    What a showcase game of Oregon Football!  Our young men were prepared and ready for the national spotlight as they epitomized their motto of “Fast-Hard-Finish,” on both offense and defense.  We knew that Coach Kelly would pull something new out for this game, and he …

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    The Fish Report: Something New from “Dawg” Training

    Were you as disappointed as I only winning by seventeen points? We are used to blowing out the Huskies and winning by at least twenty points in the past, but alas—we must give the devil their due. They are much better and proved to me …

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  • The Fish Report: Chip’s Changeups

    We knew going into this season that with a new weapon in DeAnthony Thomas, and a new playbook that went from 75 plays to 200 plays—that we would see new strategies to match.  What we did not expect was to see Chip changing up some …

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    Fish Report: Why is Chip Introducing More?

      If there was ever a game to close the playbook and run our basic stuff—this was it. The Buffs are rebuilding and decimated by injuries, thus we could have just run our most rudimentary plays and won easily. Yet Chip pulled new plays out …

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    The Fish Report: The Great Spread Offense Laboratory

    How lucky can we be? Chip Kelly has been running the Spread Offense at Oregon for five years and I just set up the video tutorials about the basics of the Oregon Offense just this last summer in preparation for this year. The Spread Offense …

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