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  • Maehl 1

    Chip Kelly’s Fiesta Bowl Game Plan

    It’s only a matter of hours before Oregon and Kansas State will face off in the Fiesta Bowl, and as the rest of the bowl season starts to ramp up to the BCS games, it is a great time of year for college football fans …

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  • Cover

    Collin Klein And The Magic Of Bill Snyder

    The Fiesta Bowl wasn’t the original destination on Oregon’s itinerary, nor was it its backup plan, and now a trip to Phoenix for a BCS game has become somewhat of a consolation prize for the nation’s newest elite football program. Unlike nearly every other BCS …

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  • A1

    Chip Kelly’s Strangest Play (EVER)

    My friends, we have now gone through TWO football seasons together, studying and learning with gusto the fine points of the Chip Kelly spread offense and many of the new emerging concepts and tendencies.  There are some amazing plays and strategies from this last season …

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  • A2

    How Stanford Stopped the Oregon Offense

    Losses such as this one are frustrating, but we have a unique learning opportunity as Oregon fans to find out just what the Cardinal did to stop the highest scoring offense in Oregon history.  This article is co-authored with Josh Schlichter and today is the …

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  • 11

    Oregon’s Innovative “Cross-Buck” and “Tiny TE” Passing Strategies

    There are TWO promises I can count on from Oregon games these days. The first is Chip Kelly throwing one or two new strategies/plays into a game which makes our study of the evolving Oregon offense so satisfying.  The second promise is that one of …

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  • A

    Chip’s Winning Game Plan Against USC

    We at FishDuck.com have been looking at the plays that Chip Kelly springs upon his opponents, and for this game we choose to look at a strategy that was first noticed by our Senior Football Analyst, Josh Schlichter.  Most of the major media are focused upon …

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  • A4

    Chip Kelly Reveals the “Double-Stack” Play to USC

    It is exciting to see new plays unfolding in the Oregon Spread Offense, wasn’t it surprising to see Chip unveil a play and formation not used for a year in the week before we play USC?  The play variations off the “Double-Stack” Formation was highly …

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  • What’s Up With DAT?

    DeAnthony Thomas has been described as electric, scintillating, sick, and most importantly…the Black Mamba. However, I would now call him The Magician, as lately he has just disappeared. I’m not going to bore you with the numbers; we know what we have seen since the …

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  • A3

    Oregon Surprises ASU with a New Power Read Play!

    I do not know where Chip Kelly comes up with all these new wrinkles, but as someone who studies his Offense, I find that it has become an analyst’s paradise with each weekly discovery.  The Arizona State game was particularly subject rich, as we saw …

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  • H

    How Oregon “Stems” into Big Defensive Plays!

    How much of our defensive success is from strategy, and how much is from the players and their abilities?  We often hear of Oregon changing up their defense to confuse their opponents, so today we look at two examples in this season’s game against Washington …

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