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    How Does Oregon’s 2014 NFL Draft Class Compare to Those of the Past?

    The NFL Draft has been in place for nearly 80 years, and in that time it has changed significantly. With no Internet, no combine, and few formal scouting reports, executives used to draft players that they had never seen work out and, in many cases, had never even seen …

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    The Black Mamba Enters Prime Time

    This past weekend marked the all-exciting NFL draft, where dreams came true and hopes were shattered, as player after player, each hoping to turn his passion for the game into a career, waited anxiously for his name to be called. The seven-round NFL draft is …

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    NFL Ducks: Pushing for the Playoffs

     Kevin Cline As the current Oregon football team begins preparing for their showdown against the Texas Longhorns (whose coach, Mack Brown, is expected to resign after the Valero Alamo Bowl), college football has entered the elongated calm before the storm of bowl games.  The weekly rhythm of …

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  • DAT Eyeing Cline

    Which Ducks Will Declare Early for 2014 NFL Draft?

    Kevin Cline It is one of college football’s sharpest double-edged swords: If your program is good, often some of the players are too good to expect them to hang around until their senior year.  Until recently, the Oregon Ducks haven’t had much of a problem with big …

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