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Celebration 15, Tennessee,13,CS 0

The Winning Mindset

Attitude is everything.  And, while it was only two Ducks who expressed disappointment not being able to play in the National Championship, one has to wonder if that attitude has affected the rest of...

Stanford will be the biggest game of the season. 2

A Legacy to be Determined

Kevin Cline Bye weeks should provide teams the opportunity to rest tired legs, get healthy and have a mental refresher.  But for this team, the pressure is always on.  The Ducks won’t play their next...

LOS 10, Tennessee,13,CS 1

Ducks Control Their Own Fate

Craig Strobeck With the release of the first BCS standings on Sunday night, Florida State – surprising to some – beat out Oregon for the No. 2 spot. After an impressive beat down of...