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    Michigan State/Oregon game-radio interview with Mr. FishDuck!

    Mr. Hondo Carpenter of the website SpartanNation.com contacted me for an interview about the upcoming Michigan State-Oregon football game on September 6th. This website has a network of television and radio stations it is associated with. There are improvements I can make, but considering I am …

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    Bracketology at FishDuck Headquarters

    Far be it from us to drop names but Joe Lunardi (of bracketology fame) and Charles Fischer (of analysis video and GQ fame) are actually one and the same.  Too modest to brag but too accomplished for just one area of expertise, Joe/Charles (or as …

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  • 11939402 Writing The Word History With Chalk On A Blackboard

    The Unauthorized — yet Uncensored — History of FishDuck

    People stop me on the street all the time with two questions:  Do you know that you have toilet paper on your shoe?”  And, “What is it like working for FishDuck.com?” Well, after more requests than I can count, I decided that it’s time to …

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  • Eagles Tough D Vs AZ

    Chip Kelly Update: A Defensive Mastermind

    from Video Chip Kelly seems to spend half his life fighting shallow stereotypes about his teams.  He’s a passing demon!  No, wait — he’s obsessed with running.  Well, he demands running quarterbacks, right?  In any case, he has a huge book of tricky plays.  Or …

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    The Good, the Bad & the Twist in the Oregon Offense

    from Video Watch the video above or read about it below……. Surprises in the Oregon offense are fun for us, as fans, because they are delightful to discover, and they also allow us to ponder their future impact upon our beloved Ducks.  In this second …

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    A New Fish Report Video Analysis: The Inadvertent Mid-Line Zone Read

    Craig Strobeck This is the first video analysis I have completed in over a year, and I am excited to be in front of the camera again!  We will follow the conference rules for video usage while breaking down a very strange play from our …

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