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  • Kirk Picks MSU And Gets Duck Rath 2

    Three Predictions Kirk Herbstreit Wants Back

    It would be quite a mixed bag to be a nationally recognized TV analyst. Private flights, shocking paychecks, and tailored suits would often be overshadowed by ignorant twitter fights, unfair accusations of homer-ism, and those pesky “expert” picks gone wrong. It isn’t easy to have …

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  • Marshall USD Craig Strobeck

    Playoff & Pac-12 Update: The Wait is Over

    It’s finally – finally! – football season! As the first weekend of college football wraps up, don’t expect any major changes when it comes to rankings, especially at the top. However, expect one major theme to be consistent with all top programs, there are still kinks to …

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  • Redsq

    Did You Guys Just Get Here? Washington’s First College GameDay Saturday

    30fps.mocksession.com It was the logical choice for ESPN’s College GameDay: Washington, who was ranked 16th in the nation, and also a team coming off a three-point road loss to a top-five school, is now having their biggest rival — the nation’s second-ranked program — come …

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