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  • Pac 12

    Rooting Interests During Oregon’s Bye Week

    It’s Breather Week for the Oregon Ducks, who are fresh off another easy win over Washington State. A never-in-doubt, always-in-the-bag, easy-peasy lemon-squeezy win over the Cougars — who were never in it. But, since we at  FishDuck.com/imaduckfanbornandaduckfanbredandillitalicizeduntilimdead aren’t just Duck fans, but college football fans as …

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  • Ifo 16 Washington State13CS E1403827860566

    Pac-12 Power Positions: Cornerback

    Exactly two months from today, Abiliene Christian plays Georgia State in the first game of the 2014 football season. As we march closer and closer to the glorious time of the year that we know as football season, we still must feed the monkey that …

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  • Happy Birthday With Stars

    My Wife’s Birthday Got Me to Thinking …

    Thursday was my wife’s birthday  (“Happy birthday, honey.  Sorry about, well, you know.”)  It being her special day, I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell all of you what a lucky guy I am. When I met her all those years ago, she didn’t know …

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  • Income Taxes Due

    The Tax Man Cometh . . . and is Subdued

    The perks of working for FishDuck.com are ridiculous.  I’m writing this from my timeshare week in Aspen, and its less than a month after this Super Bowl party: But there comes a time, every year, when we have to pay the piper for all of …

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  • National Signing Day 2010

    The Unholy Mess That Is Football Recruiting

    National Letter of Intent day has come and gone.  How your Webfoots fared depends on who you ask.  National publications list Oregon’s class in the 22-26 range.  Those posting on Oregon message boards rank the class anywhere from “The bestest class in the history of …

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  • Last E1389146870807

    Catch Your Breath! A Mid-Season Wrap. No Bigs but Ducks keep yellin’ Timber.

    Following a loss to the Colorado Buffaloes, Oregon men’s basketball is now 1-1 in the Pac-12 and, it would appear, their season is a complete loss.  Wait a second . . . not so fast, my friend! Sure, everyone hates to see a good win …

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  • OrMbb BYU 122113 0482

    Conference Update: It’s a Rough Life on the Road in the Pac-12

    Life on the road in the Pac-12 is not so easy.  Especially when you’re up against a top-20 team, who happens to be unbeaten in 11 home games so far this season. This past Sunday the No. 15 Colorado Buffaloes handed No. 17 Oregon its first …

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  • KB FI

    Predictive Recruiting Analysis: Pac-12 Rankings, Top Recruits

    With the 2014 recruiting cycle ending in five weeks, those teams atop the conference recruiting rankings are beginning to separate themselves.  Currently sitting atop these rankings is none other than the Oregon Ducks.  In question, however, is whether or not they can maintain their position. …

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  • Colhdr

    Following an Early Scare, Ducks Rout Buffs

    Cliff Grassmick Despite already being two games into conference play, it could be said that the Ducks were concluding their preseason with Saturday’s matchup against Colorado.  Oregon faced two rebuilding programs in consecutive weeks to start the Pac-12 schedule following non-conference play, leaving many to …

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  • CU Featured Image

    Factoids About Colorado Aside from Their Sorry Football Team

    www.imgcollegeseating.com One game at a time, boys!  Supposedly Amos Alonzo Stagg was the first football coach to deliver that admonition to his team.  Stagg’s team never played the 2013 Colorado Buffaloes.  Oregon’s mantra of “Win the Day” was fulfilled on the very moment that Colorado …

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