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    Scott’s Turf: Does Stanford Still Have An ‘Oregon’ Problem?

    A couple of years ago, as Andrew Luck suffered another 20-plus point defeat to the Oregon Ducks at Stanford Stadium, a familiar statement was circulating around that “Stanford has an Oregon problem.” Of course, this refers to the fact that Stanford, but for a loss …

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    Division Powers: Pac-12 North

    There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Pac-12 is one of the best conferences in the country. The conference has changed vastly since its conception, but one thing has always stayed the same: winning. With the addition of Utah and Colorado three years ago (how …

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    Women’s Golf Sinks Stanford-Northwestern Football Tilt

    Chicago, Ill. September 3, 2015 — Saturday’s matchup between last year’s Pac-12 Northern Division runner-up Stanford and Northwestern has been canceled due to Stanford’s refusal to cross union picket lines that were established when the Northwestern Organization for Growth of Immense Revenues for Labor in …

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  • Nerd Nation

    “Nerd Nation” Hangs on to Down Ducks

    After three-and-half quarters of domination, the Stanford Cardinal barely outlasted a furious Oregon comeback, to win 26-20.  Coach David Shaw said “in the back of my mind, all of us, everybody in this room, you all know they were going to make a run.  That’s …

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    After Passing First Test, Ducks Must Avoid “Cardinal-ing it”

    from Video All the doubt about what the Mighty Ducks could do against a tough team evaporated last Saturday when they defeated the Washington Huskies.  While the Ducks had an easy schedule the first half of the season, they were still virtually untested while holding …

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    November 7th in Palo Alto.

    Kevin  Cline Ladies and gentleman, this is it.  The final week before college football takes over our life has come upon us, and it feels SO DARN GOOD!  Personally, I feel summer time is a big dud for the sports world.  Watching a baseball game …

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  • Next Man Up: How Coaches Replaced Legends

    Next man up.  That mantra doesn’t apply only to the roster, it applies to Oregon’s coaching staff as well.  1977 was the last time the Ducks didn’t hire their previous offensive coordinator to fill their head coaching vacancy.  On Sunday, Mark Helfrich became the latest …

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