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A Call to battle 5

Sacrifice: The Battle Cry of Oregon Football

A vast colosseum lies brooding on the banks of a wide lazy trout-filled river. Surrounded by nothing but forest and thick grass, both barely waving in a gentle breeze under azure cloud-dappled skies. Such is the vision of Autzen Stadium...

Kiss_1999 1

KISS Defense

While many people think the more complicated and multifaceted a defense is the better it is, this is not always the case. Just ask Rob Ryan about this; much like Ryan, Duck Defensive Coordinator Don Pellum is learning that sometimes keeping...

Defense 14, WSU,12,KC 1

Top 10 Hits in Duck History

All the talk recently has been about how the Ducks were too soft to beat Ohio State. We thought we were different this year, tougher, more stout up the middle and we could compete with the big boys. I’d say...

Oregon vs Arizona 2

Defense Wins Championships…Kind of

While watching the Indianapolis Colts  successfully shut down Peyton Manning and the Broncos dynamic receivers yesterday I had this awful since of Deja Vu all over again. It wasn’t until this morning that, thanks to radio hosts Walton and Johnson  of...

Oregon baseball gains extra edge with infield shifting

Oregon baseball gains extra edge with infield shifting

Major League Baseball teams have increasingly embraced the infield shift, where one side of the diamond is overloaded with infielders to increase teams’ chances of recording outs. This trend brings one thought to Jay Uhlman’s mind: It’s about time. Uhlman, Oregon’s infield and hitting coach, said college baseball teams have used infield shifting for “at […]

Filling holes at linebacker. 1

Filling holes at linebacker.

Two potential Heisman candidates in Mariota and Thomas, threats on either side of the field with Huff and Lowe, and a fresh back in Marshall ready to prove to the league that he’s ready to make an impact; is there...