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Tasty Tidbits from Media Day

I am not a “professional,” per se, as I refuse to write the usual “blah-blah” that you’ll see from other media outlets, but then that is why this site began. I wanted more information, and to learn — and our readers have...

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New Uniforms Get New Lids

Oregon football is the guinea pig Nike uses to showcase their newest style of uniforms and there is no end in sight. The newest, and one of my personal favorites, has just been unveiled thanks to Dior Mathis and his...

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Ahh…Spring (Game) Is In The Air!

Featured Photo Courtesy Gary Breedlove Photography   The weather forecast earlier last week called for partly cloudy skies on Saturday, with a chance of some showers.  That gloomy prognostication never materialized, and yesterday’s spring game by the Oregon Ducks was...