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  • One Sad Coyote By StarSaberPL

    South Dakota! Where Dead Presidents Come to Rock!

    Good morning, Duck fans! Welcome to another season of “Let’s Learn About Our Opponents.” This week is a rarity in the annals of Duck football. It’s the first time that on Tuesday, the week of the game, I was still saying, “Which one is it …

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  • Fans 80 UW12AM

    Game Day Color Guide

    As we all know the Oregon Ducks football team doesn’t wear the same uniform twice.  Ever.  So neither should the fans, right?  Exactly.  The best dressed team needs to have the best dressed fans so if our team looks good, we must look good too. …

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  • A Freshman’s Guide To How To Blend In With The Other Ducks Fans

    Coming into college for your freshman year is no easy task. College life and the life you knew before are on two totally different ends of the spectrum. Compared to high school, the courses are run differently, the workload is harder, and the partying is …

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