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    FishDuck Post-Bowl Commentary

    I hesitate to state that Oregon’s Alamo Bowl was tainted, but it had to generate the most ambivalence of any Duck football post-season game I’ve watched.  I can’t decide if I’m excited or forlorn, which is a curious state in and of itself, for a fan as …

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    Final Championship Pieces

     From Video FishDuck Note:  My video editor and I met this afternoon to shoot and edit a new video analysis using screenshots, but as we progressed into the project — I could see that it was not going to work.  It’s a long story, but …

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    A Fischer Decision: College Football or Racing?

    How many of us armchair QBs would have loved to have had the talent to play college football? Imagine my surprise to watch a FISCHER excel at high school football, be wooed by colleges, and then listen to the juicy stories that accompany the recruiting …

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  • We now have Oregon Baseball Analysis-from Europe!

    Want to learn a little about Oregon Baseball but not like a coach?  FishDuck.com is the place for you as every two weeks we will have a new Oregon Baseball Analysis provided by Victor Flores.  This first one below will help you understand some of …

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    Special Teams Analysis: It Starts With A Kick!

    Let’s face it – the game we love to watch and learn about starts with a position that we love to hate and hate to love, and that’s the kicker.  The kicker is rarely thought of unless the game comes down to the final seconds and …

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