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    No. 1-Ranked Texas Bullets Build Powerhouse With Oregon’s Blueprint

    After three consecutive turnovers on the first three drives, the Texas Bullets stood calmly on the sideline knowing that this was it. Down 10-0 to the back-to-back league champion and current national champion North Texas Longhorns, this was not the start to the Bullets’ first …

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    Oregon Football Recruiting Analysis: Best Recruiting Class Yet?

    It was brought to my attention when cornerback James Locke and quarterback Travis Waller both committed to Oregon on July 1 of this year, that the Ducks reached a new recruiting standard. Recent history has proven that Oregon has not been really aggressive with getting …

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    Oregon Football Recruiting Analysis: Spring Cleaning

    The off season for the Oregon Ducks football team has proven to be a little hectic, causing some fans to wonder what will happen to their favored program. With the unusual amount of transfers and departures in the off season, there are going to be questions …

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    FishDuck Post-Bowl Commentary

    I hesitate to state that Oregon’s Alamo Bowl was tainted, but it had to generate the most ambivalence of any Duck football post-season game I’ve watched.  I can’t decide if I’m excited or forlorn, which is a curious state in and of itself, for a fan as …

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    Final Championship Pieces

     From Video FishDuck Note:  My video editor and I met this afternoon to shoot and edit a new video analysis using screenshots, but as we progressed into the project — I could see that it was not going to work.  It’s a long story, but …

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    A Fischer Decision: College Football or Racing?

    How many of us armchair QBs would have loved to have had the talent to play college football? Imagine my surprise to watch a FISCHER excel at high school football, be wooed by colleges, and then listen to the juicy stories that accompany the recruiting …

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  • We now have Oregon Baseball Analysis-from Europe!

    Want to learn a little about Oregon Baseball but not like a coach?  FishDuck.com is the place for you as every two weeks we will have a new Oregon Baseball Analysis provided by Victor Flores.  This first one below will help you understand some of …

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    Special Teams Analysis: It Starts With A Kick!

    Let’s face it – the game we love to watch and learn about starts with a position that we love to hate and hate to love, and that’s the kicker.  The kicker is rarely thought of unless the game comes down to the final seconds and …

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