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  • Article Review

    FishDuck.com Rolls Out New, Incredibly Awesome Weekly Article Lineup!

    Duck fans — you have got to check out the lineup of incredible articles at FishDuck.com for football season! Learn where your favorite article themes and writers will land on the week and enjoy them as I do … as it has never been better at …

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  • Bullet Featured Photo1

    No. 1-Ranked Texas Bullets Build Powerhouse With Oregon’s Blueprint

    After three consecutive turnovers on the first three drives, the Texas Bullets stood calmly on the sideline knowing that this was it. Down 10-0 to the back-to-back league champion and current national champion North Texas Longhorns, this was not the start to the Bullets’ first …

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  • Merrell Featured Photo

    The Chuck Norris of Oregon Sports Fans: Mike Merrell

    FishDuck.com has a distinct ability to connect with the casual fan.  I say ‘casual’ because for most fans, the roaring spirit of Duck sports can be an escape from the harsh realities of life. Not so for Mike Merrell, however, who is an editor and …

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  • Featured IMG

    The Good, the Bad & the Twist in the Oregon Offense

    from Video Watch the video above or read about it below……. Surprises in the Oregon offense are fun for us, as fans, because they are delightful to discover, and they also allow us to ponder their future impact upon our beloved Ducks.  In this second …

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  • 20130907 Oregon Football8471 E1378766548929

    BCS Review: Who has impressed the most?

    Copyright-Andrew Shurtleff The BCS elites did nothing to tarnish their sparkling starts after the second week of the campaign’s March to Pasadena, but this weekend had exuberance nonetheless.  The nation’s top five teams saw only minor change, but upsets and rebounding teams have once again changed …

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  • NO MsxQdbsA1xcgGfGbLkhTxChyORbmhVPmqX2OGAA4xVT26S2PvvIuR9pLYAkw1HkvGHsL1YrJdUbEpE6EqQ02 E1378768600451

    Oregon dominates but must clean up the little things

    Kevin Cline It was said that Virginia Cavaliers’ Defensive Coordinator, Jon Tenuta, had been preparing for this game since last winter.  Obviously he needed more time.  Mark Helfrich and the Ducks steamrolled Tenuta’s defense, in a rout from the get-go. For the most part, the Ducks made …

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  • Featured Photo 2

    A New Fish Report Video Analysis: The Inadvertent Mid-Line Zone Read

    Craig Strobeck This is the first video analysis I have completed in over a year, and I am excited to be in front of the camera again!  We will follow the conference rules for video usage while breaking down a very strange play from our …

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  • Oregon V Nicholls

    They Are Who We Thought They Were . . . Almost

    from Video In Sunday retrospect, the “tune up” game that everyone was expecting, did, in fact, come to pass.  The Nicholls Colonels proved to be the kind of opponent the Ducks expected, with solid line play and a very good running back.  But with apologies …

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  • Revised Feature Image

    Pregame Analysis, Nicholls State Colonels at Oregon

    photo.al.com/thenewsportsguru.com The Ducks begin their season with an interesting ‘tune up’ game versus the Nicholls State Colonels from Thibodaux, Louisiana.  The Colonels’ win-loss record over the past couple three years isn’t impressive, however the team boasts three great players that could have big days if the …

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  • Bcs Trophy

    A Few Touching Thoughts

    dayandadream.com Good morning, Duck fans!  It’s football Saturday for the first time in way too long!  You know, there really is nothing like the spectacle of big time college football.  The speed, the precision, the full stadium, the cheerleaders.  I love it all.  This weekend …

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