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  • Happy Birthday With Stars

    My Wife’s Birthday Got Me to Thinking …

    Thursday was my wife’s birthday  (“Happy birthday, honey.  Sorry about, well, you know.”)  It being her special day, I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell all of you what a lucky guy I am. When I met her all those years ago, she didn’t know …

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  • New Osu Logo 300

    The Almost Tragic History of Oregon State Sports

    Now that there are only a couple of months left in which to humiliate Oregon State during the 2013/14 school year, I thought this would be a good time to see how the hapless Beavs got here.  I decided to try and look back to …

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  • TV Guide Logo

    Television Alternatives For the Broken-Bracketed

    It’s Saturday morning, Ducks fans!  There is reason to rejoice as our beloveds are still alive in the NCAA Tournament.  Later today, the Ducks take on the Wisconsin Badgers in a second-round match-up that Wisconsin fans have been awaiting ever since a certain Rose Bowl. …

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  • The 5 Stages Of Grief Denial Anger Bargaining Depression And Acceptance

    Grief Counsel for Your Beaver

    With this week’s unceremonious ouster of Oregon State from the Pac-12 Basketball Tourney, the Ducks have once again plunged a knife into the soul of our friends from Corvallis.  I, for one, feel bad.  It must be hard to be a Beaver over the last, …

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  • Slow Down Featured Image

    Nick Saban Needs a Swift Boot in the Rear

    The College of Cardinals, er, the NCAA wasted valuable time this week, time that would have been better served making compliance more arcane and difficult.  Brought before this august body was the suggestion that college football offenses should be prohibited from running plays within the …

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  • Download 3

    Bracketology at FishDuck Headquarters

    Far be it from us to drop names but Joe Lunardi (of bracketology fame) and Charles Fischer (of analysis video and GQ fame) are actually one and the same.  Too modest to brag but too accomplished for just one area of expertise, Joe/Charles (or as …

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  • Academy Awards Filmstrip Logo

    FishDuck at the Movies

    We are hard up against the 2014 Academy Awards and this one is going to be particularly exciting.  The Big Fish pulled some strings and FishDuck has been invited to appear on the red carpet for the awards. This year’s roster of Best Picture nominees …

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  • Income Taxes Due

    The Tax Man Cometh . . . and is Subdued

    The perks of working for FishDuck.com are ridiculous.  I’m writing this from my timeshare week in Aspen, and its less than a month after this Super Bowl party: But there comes a time, every year, when we have to pay the piper for all of …

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  • National Signing Day 2010

    The Unholy Mess That Is Football Recruiting

    National Letter of Intent day has come and gone.  How your Webfoots fared depends on who you ask.  National publications list Oregon’s class in the 22-26 range.  Those posting on Oregon message boards rank the class anywhere from “The bestest class in the history of …

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  • 11856379103 3a8f18f9e2 O

    Super Bowl Drinking Games at FishDuck Secret Hideaway

    Sssshhh . . . I’m typing this from the closet floor in an undisclosed location for the annual FishDuck.com Super Bowl party.  We’re all incredibly rich from working here but what’s even better than the money, cars and models is the lavish parties that Fish …

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