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    Oregon Swag Sets the Bar

    Feature Photo by Amazing Moments Photography   I am really not a fan of the word “swag”, but it’s no secret that our beloved Ducks look mighty fine on the field, and there really isn’t a better word for the amount and style of gear …

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  • Huskies

    Three Rivalries That Need to Start

    Feature Photo by Kevin Cline   Rivalries are the best part of sports.  The Passion.  The Intensity.  The Hatred. We all love to hate the Huskies and poke fun at the Beavers (and their stupid new logo), but don’t we all watch a game and say, …

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  • Fans Kevin Cline

    What Makes a Rivalry?

    Photos courtesy of Kevin Cline Photography As a life-long athlete, sports have always been my object of affection.  Be it friendly competition, or detested, passionate dislike for an opponent, sports exude a thrill and passion infecting to the human soul.  But as a Duck fan, I …

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  • Helmet

    The Day We Have Been Waiting For – Football!!!

    Feature Picture Photo by Kevin Cline   Football is back.  Well, tomorrow it’s back…but it’s back. A football fan lives one of the most stressful lives of any sports fan.  While the season is full of excitement, turmoil, hope, and letdown, the excruciating months of …

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  • Dark side of sports

    I love sports. I really do. I love the combination of grace and power, skill and force; whether it is a player elevating for a dunk on the basketball court, or a running back plowing through multiple defenders for extra yardage on the gridiron. Sports …

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