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Arsalan Kazemi Is NBA Bound 3

Arsalan Kazemi Is NBA Bound

The Iranian-born basketball star made a huge splash on the Oregon sports scene last season. The 6′ 7″, 226-lb power forward helped the Ducks make a Sweet 16 push and played a big part...

Purdue Draw 2

Oregon Has A Counter Play After All!

Read, react, adjust: that’s probably the fastest way to summarize the inner mechanisms of Oregon’s increasingly deceptive and effective play calling.  With defenses constantly finding new ways to attack and defend the Duck offense,...

Duck 5

Take your MARK…Recruiting off and Running

The chips have fallen where they may – Chip Kelly is gone and that can only hurt the recruiting, right? Wrong.  A newly crowned head coach highlighted visitations that proved eventful for four potential Ducks who made...