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The Worst Game Ever Played

The way many people view Oregon football today is how it has been portrayed over the last five years. Everything about Oregon is cutting edge, futuristic, and new. The true fans know that this is not Oregon football. While all of the buildings...

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The Adventures of Captain Comeback

Back before Marcus Mariota, Darron Thomas, and even before Dennis Dixon, Oregon had another famous quarterback or two. Of this lot, only Joey Harrington had Oregon’s interest from birth. Born to former Oregon quarterback John Harrington, Joey’s potential was recognized...

The 2014 Oregon Ducks bring home the Pac-12 Championship trophy 0

Oregon Dynasty Needs Championship Hardware

The Oregon Ducks enter the post-season meat grinder as butcher’s choice Châteaubriand, kings of the Pac-12 and a football behemoth with firepower in every position group. Somewhere in the hallowed halls of the Len Casanova center, big plans were drawn...