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  • BCS Championship Matchup: Ducks vs. Bulldogs

    In 2010 Kansas State and Georgia both canceled home-and-home series against Oregon.  And we all saw how karma worked its magic in 2013 when the Ducks creamed the Wildcats at the Fiesta Bowl.  If history repeats itself, the Ducks will also smother the Bulldogs at …

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    Ducks Zone Blitz Attack De-Claws the ‘Cats Deep Passing Game

    Early in the Fiesta Bowl, Collin Klein and the Kansas State offense had success with short throws to help put together some lengthy drives.  My article last week described how the Duck defense stuffed the K-State option game when it counted in the first half, helping Oregon score …

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    How Oregon Stuffed “Optimus” Klein and the Kansas State Option Attack

    (Note: I’ve previously helped Charles with his defensive tutorial series, and written a few articles, one if which really riled up our friends in the SEC.  I’m very excited to now present some written defensive analysis for FishDuck.com.)  “C. Klein rush for no gain…C. Klein …

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  • Tombay

    Fiesta Bowl No Huddle Dynamics

    One of the most exciting moments from the 2013 Fiesta Bowl had to be the half-ending touchdown drive Oregon put together to effectively finish off the Kansas State Wildcats. After the Wildcats had marched down the field and threatened to take a 17-15 lead, Oregon’s …

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  • Featured Pic1

    Chip Kelly pulls out the “Power-Read” play to Defeat Wildcats

    The NFL has been attracted to coach Kelly because of his commitment to an up-tempo offense that everyone can see as being difficult upon his foes.  Yet a factor in some of his victories has been his propensity to change-up his game plan for the …

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  • Clay Ksu

    FishDuck Game Review: A Fast, Hard Finish to a Season…and an Era

    “We don’t let outside influences define our program.” – Chip Kelly That’s been the definition of Win The Day, the mantra of the Oregon Ducks since the start of the Chip Kelly era.  The team only worries about what it can control, and what it …

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  • Chip Kelly At OSu

    The Duck Offense Needs to Be Stubbornly Vanilla in the Fiesta Bowl

    The foundation of Chip Kelly’s offense at Oregon is simple and predictable. That’s a good thing. The read-option offense does not rely on surprise. It is all about execution, and when the athletes do their jobs it is very hard to stop. This is why …

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  • Maehl 1

    Chip Kelly’s Fiesta Bowl Game Plan

    It’s only a matter of hours before Oregon and Kansas State will face off in the Fiesta Bowl, and as the rest of the bowl season starts to ramp up to the BCS games, it is a great time of year for college football fans …

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  • PA 1

    Oregon’s “Numbers” Advantage In The Fiesta Bowl

    Chip Kelly and the Oregon Duck offense have seen countless variations, stunts, and unconventional packages thrown their way over the years. Whether defenses are bringing men out of coverage to account for the run, aligning in creative fashions to confuse the conventional zone blocking schemes, …

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  • Cover

    Collin Klein And The Magic Of Bill Snyder

    The Fiesta Bowl wasn’t the original destination on Oregon’s itinerary, nor was it its backup plan, and now a trip to Phoenix for a BCS game has become somewhat of a consolation prize for the nation’s newest elite football program. Unlike nearly every other BCS …

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