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Arik Armstead 0

Catching up with Arik Armstead

  Sports reporter and FishDuck.com writer, Caleb Couturie, had the opportunity to catch up with Arik Armstead at the Hatfield-Dowling Complex. Over the past few seasons, the Ducks and the Cardinal have formed quite...

PAC-12, the QB Conference? 0

PAC-12, the QB Conference?

Your faithful fly-over correspondent chiming in today.  The tweet below got my attention and I wanted to bring it to yours. I’m one of those east-coast viewers who Brett Perez referred to in the...

Top 5 Returning PAC-12 QB’s for 2013

Top 5 Returning PAC-12 QB’s for 2013

This conference is loaded with a multitude of young, talented signal callers returning for the 2013 season.  Take a look at my Top 5 PAC-12 quarterbacks who are coming back for next year.  Who’s your number...