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  • Stupid 391615

    The 10 Dumbest States in America

    The financial website “The Street” went on a quest to find the states where the most intelligent people reside. While I have nothing but respect for Massachusetts, Minnesota, Connecticut, et. al, my greatest interest in their findings were largely in the other direction. What states …

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  • DATLSU E1377328875533

    FishDuck Classic: Will Oregon be ready for LSU?

    Now that we’re only seven days from the return of Duck football, let’s take a look back at another season opener.  What a difference just two years makes.  Here we are, with an upcoming opening game at home against Nicholls State.  Juxtapose that with those …

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  • Notes from Around the College Football Nation: Expansion Rumors and Shaq Hosts Recruits

    Signing day is almost here, college football’s version of the NFL draft.  It gives fans a chance to see how their team is filling their offseason needs, and possibly put the pieces into place for a title run.  It can also give fans hope for …

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  • What I wish LSU and SEC fans understood about Oregon football

    It’s inevitable when you write about football for a passionate audience, and the team you cover plays in a big intersectional game: the flamers come out of the woodwork. What I can’t stand are the big-bellied guffaws and quick assumptions, stuff like “y’all don’t understand that football …

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