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A Bright Future for Elgin Cook

The Ducks have wrapped up their 2015 NCAA tournament campaign after a 72-65 loss to Wisconsin, but things are still looking bright after this season. With Joseph Young leaving, the Ducks will be looking for new players to feed the...


Ducks Dancing as No. 8

The Ducks will be dancing in Omaha, and Oregon fans will get a chance to see their team participate in the NCAA tournament for the third year straight. Aside from making school history by earning a third straight bid to the madness that ensues...

Oregon Athletics leading the way for academics? 0

Oregon Athletics leading the way for academics?

“Schools making the Sweet 16 typically see a 3% jump in student applications the following year, studies show.”  This according to D1 Ticker – a division 1 news consolidator – shows the type of power winning in the tournament has....