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Marcus Mariota 15, Michigan State,14,KC 6

Blame It on Marcus Mariota

There are some things that everybody who has anything to do with athletics should learn, and this holds true for athletes, coaches, friends, family and fans. Two of these things are winning with grace and losing with grace. The Ducks...

Marcus Mariota 31 0

Marcus: Impossible

This is the story of how Oregon fan Waylon Coy got the experience of a lifetime with Heisman trophy winner Marcus Mariota. Mariota had an unforgettable last season with the Ducks, which led him to win myriad awards, including the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm...

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The Adventures of Captain Comeback

Back before Marcus Mariota, Darron Thomas, and even before Dennis Dixon, Oregon had another famous quarterback or two. Of this lot, only Joey Harrington had Oregon’s interest from birth. Born to former Oregon quarterback John Harrington, Joey’s potential was recognized...