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Huddle 2, UW,12,KC 3

Christmas comes in August!

Kevin Cline Tonight is every red-blooded American male’s version of Christmas Eve: It’s college football eve in America. We lay our heads down tonight with visions of Michael Clay laying out for that Rose...

2013 Breakout Players 12

2013 Breakout Players

With the season still a little over two months away, all of the talk that’s going on is the release of the Oregon sanctions and those entailed. Of which I am very satisfied with...

Undrafted But Not Unloved 1

Undrafted But Not Unloved

First and foremost, well-deserved congratulations to the five Oregon players drafted in 2013.  That said, not every Duck who entered the draft was fortunate enough to have his name called on draft day. Opportunity for those not drafted...