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Oregon’s Steps to Football Excellence

Make no mistake, Oregon football has been making great strides. In the past 20 years, Oregon’s football program has risen from an unsurprising loser to a perpetual championship contender and truly one of the nation’s elite programs. All of this...

Royce Freeman became an elite running back last year as a true freshman. 0

Oregon Football Success is by Committee

We have all heard it from coaches and players at some point: “If everyone just does his assignment, the team will succeed.” Despite the understanding that football is a team game, fans still have their favorite or preferred individual players....

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The Time Is Now for Mark Helfrich

Remember when Chip Kelly took over the Oregon program? Many didn’t know what to expect. How would the program and its fans react to a new coach? After 14 seasons of Mike Bellotti, who is the winningest coach in Oregon...