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End of an Era: The CK Oregon Spread Offense and FishDuck.com

It is only fitting that both the original Chip Kelly Oregon Spread Offense and the website FishDuck.com are fading from view right now; both will remain in some minor variation, but neither will ever again be the same. Coach Willie Taggart runs a Spread Offense,...


Coach’s Comments After Nebraska: “What a Mess … “

In keeping with our announcement of shifting the site toward more total analysis (including the bad plays to learn from), I offer a brutal assessment of the Oregon football team from Mike Morris (the Grizzled Ol’ Coach).  Charles Fischer  What I saw:...


A Coach’s Comments: “The Problem with Oregon …”

The Grizzled Ol’ Coach, Mike Morris, has been instrumental in so many of us learning the Oregon Offense and Defense in the past four years. His “Skull” sessions with me in the FishDuck.com ManCave are legendary encounters in learning, and...