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    Ducks Softball Has That Championship Look

    Dominant.  Explosive.  Powerful.  While these adjectives have generally been used to describe the Oregon football team, they can also be applied to this year’s softball team, which has found itself ranked No. 1 in the nation for the first time in school history. Their record as of last …

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    For Oregon Football, the Time is Now

    For the last half-decade, Oregon football has been one of a handful of teams that has been, at some point during each season, a true contender for a national championship.  For a variety of reasons they have fallen short of attaining this goal.  They have …

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    Why Stanford May Have Screwed Us for the Second Straight Year

    Craig Strobeck The Ducks’ football program has been one of the best in the nation for many years now, that’s no secret.  We’ve been in a BCS Bowl game for the past four years, have had Heisman-potential athletes and have simply dominated the realm of college …

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    And so it Begins

    Kevin Cline The Ducks have traveled down a very smooth road throughout the past 8 weeks of college football.  Teams come into Autzen pumped up, ready to make some national upset news, and leave with their heads down, confused as to why they’re even playing …

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    How Stanford May Have Screwed the Ducks for the Second Straight Year

    Craig Strobeck The Ducks’ football program has been one of the best in the nation for many years now, and that’s no secret.  We’ve been in BCS Bowl games for four straight years, have had Heisman-potential athletes, and have simply dominated the realm of college football. …

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    It Just Wasn’t Meant To Be

    Kevin Cline He came, he saw, but he didn’t conquer.  On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a not-so-beautiful story hit the Oregon Duck community, as former starting TE Colt Lyerla announced that he would be leaving the team and the university for personal reasons.  There were …

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  • Johnny Manziel In Kyle Field

    The Ducks’ Most Important Game Isn’t Being Played in Autzen

    commons.wikimedia.org This weekend brings to us maybe THE most important game for the Ducks this season, and surprisingly, the Ducks will not be playing in it.  That’s because I’m talking about the No. 6 Texas A&M Aggies against the team that everyone is trying to …

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    November 7th in Palo Alto.

    Kevin  Cline Ladies and gentleman, this is it.  The final week before college football takes over our life has come upon us, and it feels SO DARN GOOD!  Personally, I feel summer time is a big dud for the sports world.  Watching a baseball game …

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  • Amazing Moments

    The Ducks will Reign Supreme

    Amazing Moments Ladies and gentlemen, we are finally close to arriving at our destination.  Thank you for your patience and consideration as we have been gone for nearly 9 months and are less than a week away from the kickoff of the 2013 football season.  Less …

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    Coach Helf Isn’t Stressed By Ducks’ Ranking

    Kevin Cline  Officially ranked in the preseason by the AP Poll as the number three team in the nation are the highly anticipated Oregon Ducks, and they’re not phased one bit.  This ranking ties for the best preseason placement in Ducks history.  The Ducks were …

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