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    Should Targeting Be a Felony?

    We all love rock ‘em, sock ‘em football, but with all the recent concern for player safety, we need to give thought to just what can be done to make the game safer for the players.  Basically there are only two ways to do this: …

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  • Map Hostetler

    College Football Nation: Randy Moss to Notre Dame and Players Union?

          Signing day is just a few days away and every school is putting forth its “best” effort to get those undecided recruits to sign.  While the coaches are out recruiting, the players back on campus are trying to join unions.  We all …

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    National Crises Solved Here

    onpoint.wbur.org Good morning, birds of a feather.  It has been said that sports are an escape from the problems of the world.  I suggest that they are more important than that.  We all know that this country has some problems that it needs to solve. …

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  • Running with the Ducks in “NCAA Football 14″

    Fans of the EA Sports NCAA Football series will receive the newest installment July 9th with the 2014 edition.  This year, EA is making many elements of the game more true-to-life, including the Ducks’ offensive power. In NCAA Football 14, the Ducks have been rated …

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