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  • Autzen1

    Could Another Team Be Coming to Autzen Stadium?

    Relocation. It is a term that sports fans, particularly those in the Pacific Northwest, associate as a threat than with opportunity, the darkest side of pro sports fandom that makes college fans grateful their teams will always be a constant presence where they presently reside. …

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  • Datcs

    To Quack or Not to Quack: Leaving Early For the NFL

    Great football players inevitably face a choice between leaving school early for the NFL draft or completing their education.  It’s a personal decision for each individual and most Duck fans support whichever direction the player goes, but the 2014 roster comes as a surprise to …

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  • Chip Kelly supports Mariota’s decision to stay in school

    The man who recruited quarterbck Marcus Mariota to Oregon has no issue with Mariota’s decision to stay there.  Especially since Chip Kelly doesn’t currently need a quarterback. Kelly applauded Mariota’s decision to stay in school, vi… Continue reading

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  • Team Huddle

    The Oregon Ducks, America’s favorite team?

    from video In 2012, I had the honor of watching the football season with about 50 US Military Veterans.  As the calendar flipped from August to September, the ratio of fans in that little group was about ten-to-one in favor of NFL ball over college.  These were simply not college football fans, and …

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  • Chippy Kelly 11 FS12KC

    NFL Ducks: How They Fared in Week 1

    Kevin Cline After months of anticipation, the NFL regular season kicked off last week, with several Ducks getting their first taste of the next level. Shout out to Chip Kelly for a solid showing on Monday night, winning his Eagles debut in style, and looking …

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  • Happier Chip

    Chip Kelly Update: Now that he has your attention….

    from video After careful analysis of expert opinions and game film, the lesson from Chip Kelly’s first NFL game is obvious: Suck It, Doubters. Pundits: “These college plays will never work in the NFL.  Chip’s another Steve Spurrier.  He doesn’t have the personnel.  Mike Vick …

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  • Bullfighter Featured Image Rafael Morán

    Chip Kelly, the Bullfighter

    Rafael Morán Chip Kelly’s play calling in his NFL debut was effective but not dramatic, with one striking exception.  Late in the second quarter, Kelly called one of the crazier formations you’re ever going to see, perhaps for the first time ever in the pros. …

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  • Chip2 CU12KC E1378622103649

    NFL Ducks: Former Oregon players that made the final cut

    Kevin Cline Here at FishDuck.com, it’s no secret that we love our Ducks . . . Past, present, and future. In this series, NFL Ducks, we will bring you updates on the former U of O players who are still “Winning The Day” at the …

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  • Special Forces Support Group Inaugural Parade At RAF St Athan Wales On Thursday 11th May 2006. MOD 45146162

    Chip Kelly Update: Boots on the Ground

    Graeme Main/MOD It’s Go Time.  The Eagles’ final roster is set, their carefully concealed offensive plays and defensive looks are being practiced in secret, and a much-hyped season opener will finally arrive Monday, September 9th, at 4 pm against Robert Griffin III and the Washington …

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  • Chip Kelly 8 Uw KC

    NFL rules might slow down Chip Kelly

    One lingering question when Chip Kelly announced his intent to coach the Philadelphia Eagles was whether he could maintain his high-octane offense in the NFL. Some referees believe that won’t be the case. In an article posted online on ESPN, NFL vice president of officiating …

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