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FishDuck.com Goes to the Movies

If you are anything like me, Frank Kaminsky has made it difficult to sleep during the last week. He has surpassed Urban Meyer in the Insomnia Derby. But it’s time to put it aside. The Ducks had a better year on...

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Motivation Is Key for the Ducks

It’s finally here fellow Duck fans, the college football playoff national championship game is today. Oregon vs Ohio State. Ducks vs Bucks. Modern vs traditional. However you choose to swing it, this game is going to be epic. As of...

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Oregon Has Multi-Purpose Receiving Corps

The Ducks are only a couple days away from their date with Ohio State for the College Football Playoff National Championship game on Jan. 12. The Ducks arrived in Dallas without the talents of wide receiver Darren Carrington II who will miss the rest of...