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  • Income Taxes Due

    The Tax Man Cometh . . . and is Subdued

    The perks of working for FishDuck.com are ridiculous.  I’m writing this from my timeshare week in Aspen, and its less than a month after this Super Bowl party: But there comes a time, every year, when we have to pay the piper for all of …

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  • E ChTyQG9V7GldOpyEs54eLoDbaYDN7L3Wya30qr58U

    The “What If” Statement

    Craig Strobeck  Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, Ducks and haters, we have officially come to the halfway mark of the 2013-2014 season.  So far, so good wouldn’t you say?  Competition has grown tougher as time has gone by, and our team has pushed through some …

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