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  • Featured Pic 1 For Devon

    Devon Allen Bursts into the Limelight (Race GIF Below!)

    Devon Allen didn’t “just” win the NCAA championship in the 110-meter hurdles. First off, there is no such thing as “just” winning at this level. You’ve got to be an absolute stud to pull it off. Next, there’s the little detail that he also broke …

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  • Merrell Featured Photo

    The Chuck Norris of Oregon Sports Fans: Mike Merrell

    FishDuck.com has a distinct ability to connect with the casual fan.  I say ‘casual’ because for most fans, the roaring spirit of Duck sports can be an escape from the harsh realities of life. Not so for Mike Merrell, however, who is an editor and …

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  • Puddles Featured Image KC

    Oregon Conference Update: The Ducks Have Sprung into Spring

    The weather in Eugene has been remarkably pristine for this early in the spring and the Oregon Ducks are taking full advantage of its presence.  It seems these blue skies have provided the Ducks with just the right amount of vitamin D to succeed. It has sparked momentum …

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  • DucksO

    Who Can Claim The Title of: Best Sports College?

    Question for debate: What college in the U.S.A. is the best all-around sports school? I am proud to say the Oregon Ducks are firmly entrenched in this conversation and after last year’s performance is currently the top school in my eyes.  Other schools in the …

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  • Nation Heads to Eugene for Track & Field Championships

    “So it begins” King Theoden ominously murmured as the Uruks of Isengard descended upon Rohan. This Wednesday another battle, though not so mythological, takes place at Hayward Field as the top collegiate athletes from around the country flock to Eugene for the NCAA National Championship …

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  • Ducks Flock Home to Track & Field National Championships

    Unlike other sports where entire teams either advance or go home, track & field is a race-by-race proposition.  After a sterling run of performances at the Western Prelimiminary Rounds in Austin, Texas this weekend, where the Ducks advanced 29 of their 46 competing athletes, the flock is both advancing and flying home to Eugene …

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  • The Official Pre-Meet for the “Prelims”

      The NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships begin today at 10:00 a.m. with three days of preliminary rounds segregated by East and West sites.  For the Ducks, this means competing in Austin, Texas, against the best of the West.  The competition is comprised of 20 events each for men and …

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  • The Calm Before the Track & Field Storm

    I love the moments just before a race when the runners set up their blocks and get into the proverbial “zone.”  Then an official’s voice is heard and states, in a voice like a NASA rocket launch countdown, “Runners warm up… sweats off… runners on your marks,” and finally, “Good luck …

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  • Hayward E1326270031936

    Running Giants at Historic Hayward Field

    Track Town, USA.  The words bring to mind a few things: Eugene, the Ducks, Steve Prefontaine and lastly but most importantly, Hayward Field.  Fans, athletes and coaches all over the world know about Hayward Field.  Athletes and coaches love to compete there because of the knowledgeable …

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  • A Duck Dynasty

    When we think of sports dynasties, we think of teams such as the ’47-’62 New York Yankees, the ’91-’98 Chicago Bulls, or more recently Alabama’s football team.  After this weekend, we can add another team to this list – the men of Oregon’s Outdoor Track & Field Team, who locked up their …

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