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Dillon Vibes Spring Game 5

Oregon’s New LONG-BALL Strategy

Something I worried about going into last season was the skill Vernon Adams had in throwing the long-ball, and whether the coaches would allow him to do it. It took awhile, but it became apparent to all that (even with the...

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Why not play Morgan Mahalak NOW?

In the tradition of FishDuck.com articles that make you ponder, I ask Duck fans to address questions concerning a quarterback at Oregon most have already written off: Morgan Mahalak. You will learn some new things here, and they have not come from an...

Experience like that of playing in the Pac-12 Championship Game will help Tyree Robinson solidify a young Ducks secondary in 2015. 23

Should Ty Griffin Be the Oregon Quarterback?

There’s a big banner at the Ducks’ practice field, that I’m going to have to paraphrase … “To be ordinary, keep doing things the way they’ve always been done. To be great, requires the courage to go against tradition.” This move...